My Big Fat Gypsy Horse Race.

The word ‘mental‘ doesn’t even begin to describe the chaos in the video above.

Apparently this tradition has been going on for years where illegal horse and cart races are held on public motorways in Ireland by ‘travellers’. Of course the police try and put a stop to it as it’s not only a huge risk to the lives of the horses but to drivers too.

As you’ll see in the video there are a few close calls with on-coming traffic as supporting ‘travellers’ in their cars form a mobile blockade to protect one of the horse racers from the police.

One thought on “My Big Fat Gypsy Horse Race.

  1. disgusting  and hell with tradition..its time this was stopped.. 
    Tradition was to burn witches …we dont do that now so why do we allow this barbaric so called sport to continue int he name of tradition


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