Russian Photographer Blends WWII Into Present Day.


Like peeling back a photographic layer of history to reveal what’s underneath.

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov has expertly managed to blend harrowing WWII imagery with present day pictures which gives a very haunting window into the past. We’ve often wondered what kind of events took place on many of the streets we’ve walked along during our holidays throughout Europe and now thanks to Sergey we have an exact picture.

In his blog he explains:

Most of my work is devoted to the period of World War II. The most powerful impression on me personally produces a series of photos about the siege of Leningrad, this is my hometown. In addition, here you will find the defence of Moscow, the liberation of Prague and Vienna, the storming of Berlin, some pages from the life of Paris. D-day collages will be ready soon.
Some pages of my journal will bring you to the streets of the capital of the Russian Empire, St.Petersburg.
Wherever I go, I’m trying to penetrate the layers of time. It does not always do well, but I try.

(via Sergey Larenkov)

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