Powerbreather Device Allows Swimmers To Breathe Continuously.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to breathe when you’re swimming. It’s such a hassle but apparently some egghead in a lab coat insists if you don’t you will ‘drown’. Thankfully someone has gone and invented a portable breathing device for swimmers called the Powerbreather, which means you’ll never need to lift your stupid, big head out of the water again. Hopefully this company can invent a portable propulsion device for swimmers too that way you won’t need to flap your feet or move your arms.

(via I Heart Chaos)

4 thoughts on “Powerbreather Device Allows Swimmers To Breathe Continuously.

  1. This is NOTHING to do with Powerbreathe but ‘Powerbreather’. Please note the distinction and do NOT associate Powerbreathe with this product. Thanks.


    • Oops our mistake. We’ve added in the all important ‘r’ now. So you can take a breath, (see what we did there?) and RELAX!


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