Avast! First Official Trailer For Dredd.

Get ready citizen for here comes the Judge.

In what has to be, for us at least, the single most anticipated movie of this year the blockbuster reboot of Judge Dredd, starring Karl Urban looks like it ticks all the right boxes. Bringing the most famous character from the British based 2000AD comics to life, director Pete Travis, (Vantage Point, Endgame), fleshes out Judge Dredd with the help of screenwriter Alex Garland, (The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine), with the following plot:

The story of Dredd takes place on a fictional Earth created as a result of the Atomic Wars. Survivors of this period are living in megacities, which protects its citizens from the Cursed Earth, a radioactive desert environment populated by mutants. The main story takes place in Mega-City One, where the police who are now called judges have the power to use police brutality to some extent to fight extreme murders. One man, Judge Dredd, a senior law enforcement officer, teams up with a cadet called Judge Anderson to track down a terrorist organization lead by Ma-Ma, who is responsible for selling a reality-altering drug called Slo-Mo.

Dredd is set for nationwide release in September.

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