Internet Pioneer McAfee Wanted By Police For Questioning Over Murder Of Neighbour.

Image via EveryJoe

Sweet baby Jesus this story is a whole bag of crazy. John McAfee, the American computer programmer who was one of the first people to design anti-virus software is wanted by police in Belize for questioning over the killing of Gregory Faull, McAfee’s neighbour. It’s understood that three people are also being questioned by police after Faull, 52, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the back of his head on Sunday at his home on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye.

This is where the story turns a tad weird as CNN are reporting the following:

Faull was killed after four of 11 dogs belonging to McAfee were fatally poisoned, said Wired Magazine Contributing Editor Joshua Davis, who said he had spent more than 100 hours with McAfee in recent months. Faull had frequently complained about the dogs barking, Davis said

“The dogs were poisoned on Friday night, they died very quickly,” Davis said. “Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, Mr. Faull was killed.”

Martinez said a person working for McAfee called police Saturday about a poisoned dog; when police arrived at McAfee’s residence, they found the dogs had been buried.

Martinez said there had been “some sort of misunderstanding” before Saturday between McAfee and Faull about the dogs.

McAfee, 67, told Davis on Tuesday that he did not kill his neighbor, the reporter said. “He says that he’s had very little contact with Greg over the past three years,” Davis said. “They’ve spoken maybe 50 words total. Nonetheless, there was antagonism there. McAfee admits that.”

McAfee told Davis that, when police visited his home on Sunday, he hid from them.

“McAfee saw them coming and he dug a hole in the sand and buried himself in the sand, he says, and he put a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe,” Davis said. “He said it was extremely uncomfortable, but he believes that the police will kill him if he turns himself in.”

He dug a hole in the sand, buried himself and then stuck a cardboard box over his head? This kind of behaviour is only ever acceptable if you’re 12 years old and have just finished playing a Metal Gear Solid marathon. For the rest of the details surrounding this story hart a course for HERE.

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