Rhinos Attack Couple On Game Reserve.

Image via Beeld

Ever had a gut reaction to a situation you knew was dangerous yet those around you were adamant everything was just peachy?

The photograph above was taken by a South African game park owner who convinced the couple pictured to stand ‘just a little bit closer’ to the rhinos. Of course the inevitable happened leaving Johannesburg resident Chantal Beyer in intensive care.

She had been on a game drive through Aloe Ridge nature reserve in Muldersdrift with her husband when Alex Richter stopped the vehicle the group of nine were travelling in and spent some time persuading the rhinos to come closer to them by offering up some food.

He then convinced the group that it was perfectly safe for them to get out of the vehicle and for Chantal and her husband to approach the beasts. The picture was taken seconds before the attack which left the 24 year-old with a collapsed lung and broken ribs, her condition is now stable.

(via Beeld)

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