Beyonce Just Hates These Pics!

beyonce letter

I treat the Internet like a loyal, fun filled pet. A cute, sometimes spikey, ball of wonderful giving which I will love till the day I die and here’s just one simple example why.

Following Beyonce’s half-time performance at this year’s Superbowl it was leaked through the information superhighway that the pop star’s publicist, acting on behalf of her employer’s instructions, contacted the website Buzzfeed, (see copy of e-mail above), to ask that certain ‘unflattering‘ pictures of the singer be removed immediately. Of course rich, famous, egotistical people continue to make the simple mistake of addressing the Internet as a controllable minion when in reality it’s a shit covered kitten high on cat-nip that you have no fucking hope in hell of controlling.

The outcome was predictable as Buzzfeed informed it’s readers dutifully of the correspondence and much hilarity, at the expensive of an overpaid narcissist, ensued.

Here’s a collection of the best shopped pics of the singer so far. Good boy Internet. Good boy.

beyonce 1 beyonce 2 beyonce 3 beyonce 4 beyonce 5 beyonce 6 beyonce 7 beyonce 8 beyonce 9 beyonce 10

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