England Planned To Give Up Scotland To The Nazis.

With all the arguments for and against an independent Scotland swirling about the Internet, from now until the referendum, The Scottish Daily Telegraph felt the time was right to print this fascinating story about how England were willing to surrender Scotland to the Nazis if they invaded from the north. Whether you feel it contributes or detracts from the independence debate is entirely up to you.

UPDATE: The author of the book ‘If Hitler Comes’, whose work is referred to in this press cutting, has asked us to post a message from him stating that the Daily Express article completely misrepresents the research in his book. There is no truth in the statement that there was ‘A secret plan to let Nazis take Scotland’ nor in the statement that ‘England planned to give up Scotland to the Nazis’. He has written an article documenting the birth and development of the ‘factoid’ HERE

We would also like to point out that this post was merely highlighting the Daily Express article and we refrained from making any personal opinion on the content of the piece. Our headline was a general paraphrase of the source. We would also like to point out that if anyone has an issue with the content of the featured article then he/she should make contact with the journalist Rod Mills directly.

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