Disney To Remake Pete’s Dragon.

Initial details are somewhat sketchy but it’s being reported that Disney are extremely serious about remaking the 1977 animated/live action family movie Pete’s Dragon.

The original starred Mickey Rooney, Jim Dale, Jeff Conaway, Red Buttons and Shelley Winters and was about a young orphan boy called Pete who escapes his abusive adoptive parents and flees to the town of Passamaquoddy, with his only friend Elliott, a large animated dragon which is only visible to Pete.

I remember watching this flick as a kid and being thoroughly entertained. A remake using the advanced technology Disney has nowadays seems like a pretty logical move. Of course the obligatory 3D will no doubt be lumped in.

A script is currently in development although there’s no word on a director yet. Personally speaking I think Kenneth Branagh would be a shoe-in for Jim Dale’s devious and dastardly character Dr Terminus. I can see him twirling that waxed moustache right now.

(via Sequels Prequels Reboots & Remakes)

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