The Back To The Future/Atomic Bomb/Gray Aliens Conspiracy Theory.

Jesus, do I get frothy round a conspiracy theory. I just can’t help myself.

Let’s get something clear here, I’m not a conspiracy nut, but I’m nuts for conspiracy theories, there’s a huge difference. The thought, imagination, attention to detail and flat-out commitment given to some of these suspicions are to be applauded. I’m all for alternative thinking, it’s what keeps life interesting.

There are six parts to this independent documentary, which you can watch right here as you adjust your TV antenna on top of your tin foil hat while you drink your non-aspartame beverage.

I flat out love this, from the stern, super serious narration to the orchestral rendition of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters, sinisterly playing in the background, not to mention the desperate grasping of straws. Simply put the 1985 sci-fi classic Back To The Future is nothing more than a Hollywood driven subliminal message, detailing the link between the Atomic bomb, the advent of Grey aliens on earth, possible Stargates, time travel and Christopher Lloyd. To give away any more detail would simply spoil your enjoyment.

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