US Radio Host Stamps On Homeless Man’s Cake.

I know it’s Monday and this probably isn’t the best story to start the week off with so I apologise in advance as your blood pressure may rise over the next couple of paragraphs.

Above is a video showing American radio ‘personality’ Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes, (from the Opie & Anthony Show), stamping on a cake belonging to a homeless man. Yep, that’s pretty much as good as it gets. The video was shot in 2007 for the show and as you’ll see the homeless man, (apparently his name is Andrew), kindly offered Opie, Anthony and the rest of the hapless radio crew a slice of his cake, before Opie request he put on the ground so he could jump all over it. The absolute worst part of this video is watching Andrew’s expression change from happiness to crushing disappointment as he informs Opie that he had earned that cake.

Since this video was first posted on Reddit yesterday  it’s gone viral and Opie’s twitter feed has been bombarded by angry people criticising his actions, which he seems unperturbed by.

opie 1


Of course like every showbiz personality today there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for his psychotic actions and complete lack of empathy:

Andrew was our homeless friend that we’d talk to regularly live on the radio as we walked from Krock to our XM studio. Everyday he’d get a lot of money from the listeners that followed our walk over. On this day I noticed the stale cake that Starbucks had thrown out cause the expiration date expired. Andrew got the cake out of the garbage. I decided I was going to stomp on the cake mostly because I always liked to see Anthony and Jim Norton cringe and get uncomfortable. Of course I didn’t feel to good about myself afterwards.

For the record I gave Andrew $100 that day for the pleasure of stomping his cake and everyone else gave him at least another $100. Now you know the story.

Of course what he really means when he states he gave Andrew $100 is that ignorantly threw the bills on the ground for the homeless man to pick up, as if standing all over the guy’s cake wasn’t debilitating enough. But it get’s worse as a sharp eyed Reddit poster has revealed Opie is lying through his teeth as it was simple $1 bills he dropped as the picture below proves. In summary this video is just yet further proof we are desperately failing as a species.

opie 2

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