Lego Greenpeace – Everything Is NOT Awesome.

No matter what your views are on Greenpeace and the amazing work they do, you can’t deny this is clever.

A video which is bound to go viral depicting through the use of Lego the message that everything really isn’t awesome, especially for the wildlife and natural environment in the Arctic, thanks to recent oil drilling activities by Shell.

It’s a protest video aimed at highlighting the unsavoury partnership Lego currently has with oil company Shell in producing products emblazoned with it’s logo for kids. As they also explain:

We love LEGO. You love LEGO. Everyone loves LEGO.

But when LEGO’s halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something.

Children’s imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today.

They even have a petition for you to sign if you feel strongly about this issue:

I’m now torn as to what I find more upsetting, the decline of real-life wild animals or Lego ones.


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