Moronic Scottish Politician Claims Russia Is Invading Scotland.

It’s healthy and downright sensible to disbelieve pretty much every word a politician vomits up, especially if you live in Britain, or more specifically Scotland.

Yesterday in Westminster there was a debate about the renewal of Trident on the River Clyde, a process which is going to cost the tax payer a princely sum of £100b. As those for and against argued and debated Labour MP Brian Donohoe made the startling claim that Russian submarines were currently sailing up the Clyde.

That’s right, according to Donohoe those sneaky Russians under the orders of Putin himself were invading Scotland and he was the only man in the country who knew about it. Of course a quick cursory glance out of my window, which looks over the Clyde, confirmed that he was in fact talking a power of absolute shite…it was the North Koreans!


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