Avast! Trailer For Sports Mockumentary Seven Days In Hell.

Just ahead of this year’s Wimbeldon tennis championships HBO have released a trailer for their sports mockumentary Seven Days In Hell, which stars Andy Samberg and Kit ‘Jon Snow’ Harington.

The plot for this film, which quite clearly intends to rip the piss out of Wimbeldon rattles along like so:

Aaron Williams, (Samberg), is adopted at an early age by Serena and Venus Williams’ father and is taught how to play tennis, unfortunately although a great player Aaron has a problem with authority and earns a reputation on court as ‘the bad boy of tennis’. Charles Poole, (Harington), is the polar opposite, he’s a proper English gentleman whose downside is that he’s a complete idiot and has difficulty understanding anything. During the Wimbeldon tennis finals the pair are pitted against each other in a match which lasts for seven long days.

7 Days in Hell will premiere on HBO on July 11th expect it to be shown over here soon after.

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