Is It A Bird? No, Its A Humlicoplane.

A military Humvee which can sprout helicopter rotor blades and wings allowing it to take to the skies if things on the ground are getting too dangerous. No, this isn’t something from the testosterone fuelled mind of Hollywood director Michael Bay it’s a genuine project the US government and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are currently working on. The thinking behind this transformeresque vehicle is to allow troops to avoid roadside bombs, ambushes and impassable objects within seconds and with a $3.05 million development contract in place this futuristic car/plane/helicopter hybrid could become a reality. What’s even more interesting are the specifications for the vehicle which the US government and defence department have laid out: it has to carry four soldiers, have an automated take-off function so drivers will not be required to act as a pilots, get as high as 10,000 feet and travel 250 miles on a single tank of fuel. The transformer Humvee will also be fitted with weapons to provide small arms fire on the ground and in the air.  (via Wired)

Avast! The Troll Hunter Trailer

There are some amazingly creative films coming out of Scandinavia recently. This month alone we had a sneak peak at Finnish film Rare Exports, a very twisted take on the story of Father Christmas and now this trailer for Trolljegeren, aka The Troll Hunter. Apparently it tells the story of a group of documentary film makers trying to track down elusive trolls in Norway which are rumoured to be living in large reserves owned by the government in the north of the country. In true mockumentary, shaky, hand-held style they get more than they bargained for. The Troll Hunter is released in Norway in October but no word when it’s released here in the UK.

Avast! I Am Number Four Trailer

Here’s a teaser trailer for a movie called I Am Number Four, directed by DJ Caruso whose previous works have included Disturbia and Eagle Eye and he’s slated to direct the film version of the popular sci-fi survival horror console game Dead Space. Starring ex-teenage Burberry model Alex Pettyfer the film tells the story of refugee John Smith, (scriptwriters pushed the boat out there), who is one of nine gifted children who along with their individual gaurdians have escaped their home planet of Lorien for earth. But here they are hunted and killed by their enemies in numeric order and three have already been exterminated.


Sink Me! Ludovic Giuly Is A Happy Drunk

Here’s French pro-footballer Ludovic Giuly, (Paris Saint-Germain), in a bar somewhere in France, three sheets to the wind stripping down to his tightie whities. Just like an embarrassing drunk uncle at a wedding. At least the man has character.