Avast! Filly Racing…In Bikinis

The Gold Coast Turf Club in Queensland, Australia is under heavy criticism after confirming that a special race will go ahead as planned where the horses will be replaced by scantily clad women.  The Bikini Track sprint will be held in December and feature 150 female competitors who will run around the track for prize money totalling $5,000 Australian dollars. Many people see this type of event as degrading to women and although that argument may hold validity nobody is actively forcing these women to take part. Although after watching the video above there is a slightly unsettling tone about the race  which was held in the American horse track Hollywood Park, California. Got to feel sorry for Blazin’ Blondie.

Sink me! Creator Of The A Team Dies At 69.

Sad day for all of the crew here at HMS Friday as Stephen J. Cannell a prolific televison writer and producer has passed away at the rather premature age of 69. A man responsible for creating such amazing TV which shaped, influenced and inspired many a Saturday afternoon, his list of impressive credits include: The Rockford Files, 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy, The Commish, The Greatest American Hero, Silk Stalkings, The A-Team, Hunter, Baretta, and the awesome Hardcastle & McCormick.

Apparently Mr Cannell was dyslexic and relied upon other writers known to him as his ‘mop and pail’ crew to tidy up his work before submission. He passed away at his home in Pasadena on Thursday due to complications from melanoma. If you want to know more chart a course for HERE.

Begad! Thunder Busters – Possibly The Best Mash-Up Yet.

Whoever made this has a greater understanding of music compatibility than any of us here at HMS Friday and that wouldn’t be hard since all we ever play on deck  is Chas & Dave’s excellent ninth studio album: Chas and Dave’s Knees Up – Jamboree Bag Number 2.

Thunder Busters is a mash-up of the theme to Ghostbusters with AC/DC’s single Thunderstruck by Wax Audio. You can find more examples of their musical mashing skills over at their main website by charting a course HERE.

Blimey! Man Walks Into A Sex Shop…

Thanks to a man called Brodrick White we can now all stop wondering how often spank booths are cleaned in adult sex and book shops. The answer is a resounding hardly ever.

Earlier this week the 35 year-old entered such a naughty place of business in Houston and never left. It’s thought Mr White’s body lay undetected in a private booth for more than a disturbing 12 hours until an employee chanced upon him and phoned the police.

Apparently there was no sign of trauma but an autopsy has yet to be carried out.

Jeez, there really are some undignified ways to exit stage left in this life and this has to be up there in the top five. We don’t need to tell you what the other four are…do we?

Highway From Hell

Here’s a short video demonstrating just how dangerous the infamous JBad Highway, (Jalalabad), in Afghanistan really is. This video was shot in 2005 by an American soldier and his fellow soldiers travelling from Camp Phonenix, a NATO military installation. A good friend of ours spent almost two years working in construction out there and can testify that the JBad Highway deserves its reputation, his stories of crazy drivers would turn your hair white and he should know as he was hit by one whilst crossing a road, breaking his leg in the process. Cheers for the tip Rod.