Adam Sandler’s Spirit Award Speech Was Hilarious

A bit late to the party with this one, but here’s the entire Adam Sandler speech the actor gave at the recent Film Independent Spirit Awards, where he won Best Male Lead for his terrific performance in the thriller Uncut Gems.

The Deleted Alternative Ending To Home Alone.

If only. In truth this is actually one of four clever little videos with some dark arts expertise added, to make various scenes from the John Hugh’s Christmas classic Home Alone blood soaked and more realism.

If you’ve ever wondered what the real physical damage might be to the Wet Bandits after being pummeled by Kevin’s fiendish booby traps, then wonder no more.

Video courtesy of You Tuber Bit Massive

Scott Sterling’s Amazing Ball Blocking Face Is Back.

You might remember the name Scott Sterling. You should, he was the goalkeeper responsible for saving a a string of penalties with just his face, (see below).

Leaving football, (soccer), behind Sterling has found himself a new sport to excel at. Volleyball.

The Gorgeous Jennifer Garner Reads A Classic Bedtime Story.

It’s World Book Day today and as part of the celebrations Vanity Fair shot a video of Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner, reading the cult classic book Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach.

It’s not the first time the book has been read by a celebrity, a few years ago Samuel L Jackson recorded a reading of the full book for audible. Listen below.

The Big Foo Fighters Announcement Was Hilarious.

For some time there have been rumours flying around the internet that rock band Foo Fighters were on the verge of breaking up, mainly due to further inaccurate speculation that the band considered lead man Dave Grohl to be ‘too Hollywood’.

So when the band issued a statement that an official announcement would be made online everyone automatically assumed the band was finished.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. The announcement itself was nothing short of hilarious.


Chris Rock’s Oscar’s Opening Monologue In Full.

Chris Rock hosted the 88th Academy Awards last night and started proceedings with a blistering ten minute long opening monologue.

In light of recent controversy surrounding the Oscars, regarding the complete lack of black nominees, Rock did not shy away from addressing the issue. We’re pretty sure in years to come this will be regarded as the most politically charged opening to any Awards ceremony.


Conan Vs A Network Censor.

Watch this hilarious meeting between late night talk show host Conan O’Brien and his network censor.

The conversation revolves around what Conan can and cannot, say, wear or do during his live broadcast shows, which the censor might deem as offensive or inappropriate.

Of course Conan, being Conan, takes it right to the edge.



Watch Conan, Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Score Weed With A Learner Driver.

This is the future of television right here. Stick Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a car with a member of public and watch them drive around abusing drivers, buying weed and smoking up a storm.

Who needs a chat show?

BTW – Ice Cube is ageless.

Sky News Reporter Kay Burley Is Being Mocked on Twitter For Her Paris Dog Tweet.

kay b 1

Putting aside, if it’s at all possible, the horrendous outcome of Friday night’s terrorist attacks in Paris, it was clear from the beginning that some media outlets and specific reporters had a questionable approach to the events unfolding in France.

Listening to a BBC correspondent urging a survivor who had witnessed and survived a bloodbath in a restuarant to ‘count the bodies’ lying around him was one thing, but Sky News reporter Kay Burley, (who is never far from controversy), has found herself at the centre of a Twitter ridiculing after posting up a picture of a dog, (above), with the caption ‘Sadness in his eyes’ followed by the hashtag #parisattacks.

Kay Burley has been dispatched to Paris to cover the atrocity and report on any updates from the French capital. However, legions of users on Twitter are claiming she has misjudged the mood by sensationalising an already shocking event and have reacted to her tweet by posting their own pictures with the hashtag #sadnessinhiseyes, a few of which you can see below.

Was she right to post the picture of that dog, claiming that it felt the sadness of Paris?

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