The Longest Recorded Highway Pile-Up On GTA V.

It starts with a simple motorcycle crash on a highway which then culminates in a five minute long pile-up with explosions, crashes and general mayhem.

This video was recorded by gamer Michael Snajczuk, who simply sat back and observed the madness unfold in front of him.

A Most Eloquent Arrest.

The old news clip above of a man being arrested outside an Australian restaurant is currently sweeping through Facebook, on account of the hilarious manner in which he is apprehended.

Apparently the offender in the clip, being surrounded by coppers, was none other than former chef and Australian Over 60 Chess Champion, Paul Charles Dozsa, a man who took great pride in dining in the finest restaurants before dodging the bill. He had over 50 convictions for failing to pay for meals and often found himself behind bars for short stretches of time.

Unfortunately this eloquent chap sadly passed away in 2003 but his hilarious arrest lives on forever.

Conan Thrills The Ladies With His Magic Mike Moves.

Regular readers of this website, (yes, all two of you), will know we’re massive fans of US chat show host Conan O’Brien and in particular the videos he makes.

His latest addition might just be his best yet, which sees him attempt to recreate scenes from the recently released male stripper movie Magic Mike XXL, in front of his assistant and her friends as they prepare to got to the cinema and watch the movie.

He really is the king of making people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Avast! Trailer For Sports Mockumentary Seven Days In Hell.

Just ahead of this year’s Wimbeldon tennis championships HBO have released a trailer for their sports mockumentary Seven Days In Hell, which stars Andy Samberg and Kit ‘Jon Snow’ Harington.

The plot for this film, which quite clearly intends to rip the piss out of Wimbeldon rattles along like so:

Aaron Williams, (Samberg), is adopted at an early age by Serena and Venus Williams’ father and is taught how to play tennis, unfortunately although a great player Aaron has a problem with authority and earns a reputation on court as ‘the bad boy of tennis’. Charles Poole, (Harington), is the polar opposite, he’s a proper English gentleman whose downside is that he’s a complete idiot and has difficulty understanding anything. During the Wimbeldon tennis finals the pair are pitted against each other in a match which lasts for seven long days.

7 Days in Hell will premiere on HBO on July 11th expect it to be shown over here soon after.

Father’s Parkour Spiderman Fan Film Honours Late Son.

Father’s day can be a pretty emotional day for many whose fathers are no longer with us, but for Mike Wilson it’s the perfect day to honour his late son Jayden.

Above is the rather excellent Spiderman, parkour  fan film Spider Dad which Mike stars in as the title hero. As he spends his evening battling crime and purchasing nappies he also takes time out to credit his son Jayden as the inspiration for him to do great things in life.

Mike is no stranger to viral videos as his last one hit the headlines when he filmed himself surprising his son dressed as Spiderman, (watch below). Sadly Jayden passed away four weeks after the video was made due to a Grade 4 brain stem tumour, but his memory now lives on thanks to Spider Dad.

The ad revenue generated by this fan film will go directly to the charity Naomi House children’s hospice and a fund dedicated to Jayden’s memory. So get it watched, now!

David Letterman’s Final Farewell Oozed Class.

So David Letterman signed off from The Late Show for the final time last night, bringing the curtain down on an illustrious 33 year career as the greatest chat show host that ever lived. I grew up watching Letterman and even though I’m from the other side of the pond I had a fond appreciation for the man’s laid-back, nonplussed approach to being a chat show host.

Of course the final show was an emotional affair and following his farewell the Foo Fighters, (as requested by the man himself), played a live version of Everlong as viewers were treated to a fantastic montage of Letterman’s time spent entertaining the masses.

This is how you do a proper send-off.

N.B. And how’s this for a gesture. Rival chat show host Conan O’Brien urged all of his viewers to change the channel to watch Letterman’s farewell while he was hosting his own show. Classy.

Chuck Norris Kicks Everything Montage.

Fly-kick Hollywood supremo Chuck Norris, whose films have inhabited bargain bins around the world, turned 75 today.

To celebrate the sheer scale of the man’s illustrious career here’s a montage video of the martial artist kicking the shit out of everything that moves.