Neighbour Has Public Meltdown Over Snow On His Property.

This video is starting to go viral and that’s no surprise.

Meet Gary, he’s the angry, shouty one who is throwing a hissy fit over the fact his neighbour Dan has somehow moved snow onto his property, which is already covered in snow.

The exchange leads to one of the greatest lines in history, uttered from Dan in defence of his actions:’It’s not my snow, this is not your snow this is the snow.’ So who’s right Gary or Dan?

One thing’s for sure these two would make a great sitcom together.

Best Commentary From Last Night’s Super Bowl.

I’m not much of a fan of the old Super Bowl but I have to admit listening to the big game on my trusty old wireless was surprisingly exciting.

Here’s a sample of last night’s audio described action by commentators Butch Schlong and Snatch Frigget.

A Simple Method For Debunking Conspiracy Theories.

This video from design group Kurzgesagt offers up a simple method on how to debunk conspiracy theories. They explain:

Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope – we developed a way to debunk conspiracies in just a few seconds…

Of course as a self-confessed fan of conspiracy theories this approach is way too oversimplified for me and does nothing to debunk the theory that Arnie murdered Lord Lucan.