Rob Zombie’s Assassin’s Creed Unity Short Is Bloody To The Max.

The excellent NSFW animated short was developed for Ubisoft by horror director Rob Zombie and illustrated by The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore and is unsurprisingly extremely gory and violent.

It briefly dpeicts the bloody history behind the French revolution neatly setting up the premise for Ubisoft’s forthcoming game Assassin’s Creed Unity. Will this short make you run out and buy the game? Probably not. But it will make you yearn for a history teacher like Rob Zombie.

Be A Parkour Assassin @ San Diego Comic Con.

To promote their forthcoming game Assassins Creed: Unity at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego developers Ubisoft have constructed a parkour driven obstacle course for people to use, allowing them to get the real Assassins Creed experience.

As the video shows above you’ll be able to traverse, and run across obstacles using just your raw athleticism to conquer each section of the course. There’s just one hitch, the vast majority of those who will take part will likely be gamers…so, yeah…raw athleticism.

(via Assasins Creed Experience)


Rust Will Turn You Into A Bald, Naked Survivor.

Rust is a new survival, crafting game currently available on Steam for £14.99 created by the same guy who developed Gary’s Mod. You begin the game as a bollock naked bald guy and you must hunt and gather to survive, avoiding zombies and dangerous wildlife not to mention other bald, naked men some of which have shotguns or axes.

The game’s official synopsis rattles along like so:

“The player must gather resources to survive and craft all items within the game, with the exception of any starting gear. Players gather resources such as cloth, food or wood, which can be obtained from chopping trees with an axe. Other items come from the wildlife found throughout the island. The player starts with an initial crafting list of items such as weapons, clothing and building materials. As the player progresses throughout the game they can find blueprints for more advanced items to craft. These can be found in hidden crates, on killed NPCs or by researching items taken from other player’s bases.
During gameplay there are many challenges that the player can face such as starvation, drowning, hypothermia, attacks from wildlife or exposure to radiation from the many radiated areas throughout the island. Due to the game being exclusively multiplayer, PVP is an ever present challenge.”

Of course due to the amount of male nudity on display gameplay can sometimes lend itself to hilarious situations.

Gameplay footage via FRANKIEonPCin1080p

The Battlefield 4 International Jet Ski Jousting Tournament.

Gaze upon this majestic spectacle of thrilling skill and accuracy with Battlefield 4’s first International Jet Ski Jousting Tournament. Featuring household names such as Stanley Gammonpeddle, Roland Shuffleburger and George Grumblegoose with commentary from Barry Manilegs and Dave Fistofison.

(via Two Angry Gamers TV)