Blinky: A Short Film.

A while back we posted up ten movie trailers for films which we were looking forward to this year. Among them was a trailer for a film called Blinky starring Max Records, (Where The Wild Things Are). As ambiguous as the trailer was you could still determine the plot was set in the not too distant future about a helpful household robot who becomes friends with his young owner, before things inevitably go pear shaped.

Much to our dismay it turns out the trailer was for a short 12 minute film and not a full length feature. Blinky was directed by Irish film maker Ruairi Robinson, who was up until recently penned in to direct the live action movie of  Japanese manga classic Akira. The project has since been cancelled.

The rain! My eyes! These goggles, they do nothing!

Batman’s Butler Died.

Tis is with heavy heart and raised mug of grog that we recognise the passing of a legend.

Actor Michael Gough will probably be best remembered for his role as Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, who portrayed a man who willingly suffered the frustrations and pains of running hand and foot after a spoilt, spandex wearing millionaire.

A favourite of film director Tim Burton he went on to star in Sleepy Hollow and lend his voice acting skills to the Corpse Bride and more recently Alice In Wonderland.

Website Den Of Geek have a more thorough look at the 94 year-old’s illustrious career.


Neeson To Star In Taken 2.

The man with the husky, firm yet polite telephone manner who relishes the opportunity to tell you he has a very important set of skills is set to return to the big screen.

Yes, Liam Neeson is to reprise his role as personal security consultant and loving father Bryan Mills. Empire magazine are reporting that the Irish actor has managed to come to an agreement with producer Luc Besson to crack yet more Eastern European skulls.


A slight down side is that Olivier Megaton, *(stands up out of chair and salutes that name)* has been handed directorial duties, the man responsible for Transporter 3. Oh shit sticks!

There has been no confirmation of the plot of the sequel but rumour has it that a group of  gangsters break-in to Bryan’s home and steal his beloved pair of exotic birds. The gang fly the pair back to Europe where they are forced to enter the shady world of illegal bird fighting. Incensed that his pets have been taken from him Bryan goes on the war path. It’s to be called Taken 2 Toucans.

We are very sorry.


Amazing Digital Painitings Of Famous Movies.

No Country For Old Men.

These pant wettingly amazing digital paintings of famous movie scenes were lovingly created by Italian artist Massimo Carnevale. His entire collection includes films like The Black Swan, Jaws, Serpico and Kill Bill to name only a few. (via The Swedish Bed)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The Usual Suspects

True Grit


Rememberfied # 1: Sandahl Bergman.

Sandahl Bergman then and now

Name’s not really familiar, but wait a second…you know the face…yes, you definitely know the face…oh God it’s whatshername from that film and shit.

Famous for causing many an impromptu trouser tent in our youth actress Sandahl Bergman wasn’t just a pretty face and an exceptionally tight, ripped body, she was also an accomplished dancer and stunt woman.

Now aged 59 Bergman’s most famous role was as the highly skilled and deadly female warrior/thief Valeria playing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Barbarian and she also popped up in Red Sonja as evil Queen Gedren. Unfortunately Bergman then went on to make some truly awful films like Hell Comes To Frogtown and The Lipstick Camera.  Sandahl Bergman the crew of HMS Friday salute you and your bulletproof thighs. You are hereby officially Rememberfied!

Here’s one of her finer moments.

Zombies Vs Robots Is A Go.

With Cowboys & Aliens set for general release this summer colossal nerds movie fans can now look ahead in feverish anticipation to a similar project which has just been given the green light by Sony Pictures.

*(Here’s hoping our first draft script of Ninjas vs Pirates vs Knights vs Vampires vs Werewolves vs Hoodies, will now be considered)*

Zombies Vs Robots will be a dynamic new film, based on a series of graphic novels, which tells the story of robots brought back from the future through a time travelling gateway created by scientists. They inadvertently bring with them an infection which wipes out the human race, turning most into blood thirsty zombies, except for one immune child. Realising that the infant is all of what remains of the human race the robots vow to protect the child until they figure out a way to clone the baby to reboot humanity. But zombies being zombies want brains and will stop at nothing to ensure the last living human is eaten. Cue a full scale war between Robots and Zombies.

By the way did we mention that Michael Bay is to direct? Yes, we too had the same reaction. (via Geeks Of Doom)

A Highlander Remake? Get Yersel Tae…

Whit! A remake ya say? Ah, yer aff yer heed man!

Yes, Hollywood boffins are planning to breath life up the kilt of the Highlander movie franchise by remaking the 1986 original cult classic which starred Sean Connery, (a Scotsman playing a Spaniard) and Christopher Lambert, (A Frenchman playing a Scotsman). We heartily admit the original was far from a slice of cinematic perfection and there was plenty of grated cheddar throughout the movie, but that’s what made the film so great it had it’s own charm which people warmed to. Don’t agree? Just look at how the film introduces Sean Connery’s character, for Christ’s sake! The only way you could better this scene would be if you had Connery riding in on a unicorn which was shitting out a rainbow.

But the main reason the crew here are vehemently against a remake is down to the fact that Summit Entertainment film studios, who snatched up the rights to the franchise back in 2008, have hired Melissa Rosenberg to write the script, she of  Twilight fame. Yes, the writer of the Twilight movies is going to attempt to recapture the kind of magic which made Highlander so popular the first time around.*drops party bag of Doritos in shock*

The horrendous possibilities are endless but may include the following: angsty teenagers in kilts, angsty teenagers in kilts who are immortal, angsty teenagers in kilts who are immortal and are in a constant state of misery because they are immortal and angsty teenagers in kilts who are immortal and are in a constant state of misery because they are immortal who insist on walking around stripped to the waist. Between this and the prequel to The Thing and a possible remake of The Wild Bunch this year is starting to look like something out of a f@cking Roland Emmerich film.

Hey Rosenberg! There can be only one!

HMS Friday’s Top 10 Lesser Known Films For 2011.

With 2010 now completely out of view we’ve decided to look forward to some movies we think are worth getting a tad excited about. We’ve cherry picked ten non-blockbuster, lesser known movies that the crew here at HMS Friday are dancing the Hempen Jig for. Last year we were surprised and seduced by the likes of major mainstream releases including Inception, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim and How To Train Your Dragon, but there were also some interesting low budget, indie and less well known films which popped up and pleasantly surprised us all. So here are ten smaller titles due for release in the UK over 2011 which we think merit your attention, in no discernible order.

The Goon

Produced by David Fincher, (Seven, The Game, Zodiac), this animated CGI movie deals with Eric Powell’s graphic novel character The Goon. Accompanied by long time partner in crime Franky, the two misfit characters find themselves in all sorts of bother with supernatural beings, zombies, ghouls, hobos and giant monsters. Expect this film to have a far greater adult feel and theme to it than your average animated feature. The excellent Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown do the voicing honours.

Red State

Leaving tits, ass and penis jokes behind him, (for a while anyway), film director Kevin Smith, (Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), looks to have turned in a far more serious anddarker movie judging by the trailer for Red State. Starring a slew of great character actors including John Goodman and Stephen Root the main lead is fleshed out by the always mesmerising Michael Parks as a religious extremist who, along with his devout congregation, kidnaps and tortures a group of young misfits. Think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre spliced with the Westboro Baptist Church.


Set in the mid 80s Skateland tells the story of a group of friends coming to terms with the closure of their beloved roller rink. Recognising that the winter of their youth is rapidly creeping in some decide to move on, while others realise they can’t. The film stars Ashley Greene, who can also be seen in some low budget vampire movie franchise which we’ve obviously never heard of.


Before you watch the trailer below for this film be warned it does give a large chunk of it’s plot away. That being said the plot is pretty simple, Adrien Brody regains consciousness after a severe car crash in the middle of a dense forest which has left him severely injured and erased his memory. As he struggles to make it back to civilisation he attempts to piece together who he is.

The Trollhunter

Released at the end of last year in Norway we are still waiting to find out if The Trollhunter will receive a release date here in the UK. Shot in a guerrilla mockumentary style, just like the Blair Witch Project, it charts the progress of a group of Norwegian students investigating a series of mysterious bear killings. Teaming up with a wily old hunter the group begin to realise that things out in the Norwegian countryside is not as it seems.

Slash To Make Horror Movies.

Guitarist Slash, he of the hair and hat, is putting down the old stratocaster to start up a horror film production company ingeniously entitled Slasher Films. Apparently the man announced this exciting career change at the Sundance Film Festival explaining that he is stepping into the world of movies to make and produce horror flicks for true fans of the genre, who are crying out for character driven and intelligent films rather than the torture porn they’ve been served up recently.

Not one to rest on his laurels top hat Slash has cherry picked four scripts which his company are preparing to work on, Nothing To Fear a demon story about a small town in Kansas which Internet lore describes as being a gateway to hell, Theorem a film about a maths whizz kid who figures out the equation for evil, Wake The Dead where a young college student discovers a process where he reanimate the dead and The Other Kingdom which is being described as your usual ho hum run of the mill zombie apocalypse movie.

Is it just us or are all four of these proposed movies exactly the kind of trash which low budget horror production companies churned out in the late 80s?