Lady’s Music Video Is Proof Judgement Day Is In The Post.

The above NOT SAFE FOR WORK video belongs to a delightful, elegant, multi-talented young female songwriter called Lady for her latest single…Yankin’.

In what will surely be a much requested wedding song across the globe Lady sings about how her ‘Pussy Be Yankin‘, which in layman’s terms means that her special purpose/bajingo/flower is really rather good and should any male find himself in a position to discover it’s potential he would surely not regret it.

That’s right she wrote, (possibly with crayons), a song about how amazing her genitalia is.

*Sticks ear to ground and listens for the sound of the four horsemen*

Miley Cyrus Is Now An Official Pop Skank.

Well there you have it pop star Miley Cyrus has gone and taken the obvious and predictable next step in her singing career and slutted the bejesus out of her traditional Disney-esque clean-cut image.

But who is really that surprised? Britters, X-Tina, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson even Kylie Minogue all turned themselves into scantily clad skank beasts in the hope of selling more records and pocketing even more cash.

Here’s looking forward to her first rehab visit, public mental breakdown, leaked sex tape and obligatory come back all before she hits 25. (via Egotastic)

Top 10 Best Covers Of Louie Louie.

Just last night the crew were huddled round the single television set aboard our fine vessel watching one of the greatest comedies of all time, National Lampoon’s Animal House.

Apart from the countless memorable scenes which make up that movie one which certainly stands out, for us at least, are when the members of the fraternity are gathered together in a drunken shambles singing Richard Berry’s classic rock n’ roll song Louie Louie, (see top of post).

The song itself has a bit of a colourful history and to this day a massive debate rages over the exact definition of the lyrics. In 1964, a year following the release of a cover version of the song by 60s group The Kingsmen, the FBI launched an investigation into the song’s lyrics following a letter written to Robert Kennedy, the then Attorney General, by a concerned housewife who claimed the lyrics were obscene. The investigation lasted two years and the FBI concluded that:

‘…the recording could not be interpreted, that it was “unintelligible at any speed,” and therefore the Bureau could not find that the recording was obscene.’

But the myth surrounding the song never truly vanished and in 2005 those obscenity claims resurfaced when a school band in Michigan was refused permission to play Louie Louie in a school parade by the superintendent of the school system. The refusal was thankfully overturned.

Considered by many as the anthem for college students, drunks and party goers across the world this song has a quality which very few posses. No matter how Louie Louie is sung, how it’s performed, how it’s altered to suit a particular artist it never loses any of it’s character. Don’t believe us? Check out these ten fine examples below.

Paul Revere & The Raiders

Iggy Pop


The Sonics

The Kinks

The Clash

Toots & Maytals

Black Flag

Led Zeppelin

What collection of Louie Louie covers would be complete without the addition of a marching band entry.

Husky Marching Band




Shakira Gets Excited Watching Barcelona.

Pop singer Shakira is dating Barcelona football player Gerard Pique. Here’s edited together footage of the singer getting all excited/frustrated/angry/happy watching her boyfriend play in the Copa Del Rey final between Barcelona and Real Madrid this week. Do you think she knew she was being filmed?

Britney Spears Till The World Ends Music Video.

If there’s anything this video tells us is that when the Mayan prophecies are finally realised in 2012 instead of hysterically falling to our knees and praying for forgiveness for all they shitty things we’ve done in our lives, we should instead slip on a leather, metal studded tank top, head down to the sewers and dance until the apocalypse has passed. Also it would probably be wise to invest in leather boots and denim hot pants because their value is set to rocket come the end of the world.

On a side note Britters does look hot and she really has mastered the sexy shoulder hunch, which she introduced to the world in her almost identical video Slave 4 U, while keeping her lower body pretty much stationary. Not a single Mayan in history could have predicted that move.