Summertime Is Great By Three Beat Slide Will Melt Your Brain.

Contrary to your initial reaction this isn’t a parody or a spoof, it is in fact 100% genuine. Sit back and enjoy this amazing tune by Spanish family trio Three Beat Slide with their Internet hit Summertime Is Great.

I was going to write something sarcastic or cynical but decided against it because there will be legions of arseholes on the Internet who will do just that. Is this song as annoying as Rebecca Black’s Friday? Yes, probably more so but at least they’re enjoying themselves. If their only crime in life is to produce substandard music which everyone will delight in ripping apart, then I say more power to them. They’re happy, you’re not. Live with it!


Work Your Ass Off At The MOBOs For Nothing.


The only opportunity volunteering ever provided was the prospect of yet more volunteering.


This year’s MOBO awards, which are being held in Glasgow, are running a special prize for Young Scots. If they have over 100 points on their Young Scot card they can enter this amazing prize draw to win the chance to work like a dog for absolutely no pay whatsoever at the event.

That’s right you may spend the night sweating like Rolf Harris in the dock with not a single penny to show for your effort but just think of all the wonderful talentless celebs, charged up on Gak, who will verbally abuse and berate you throughout the course of the evening. With not a single promise of a full or part time job at the end of proceedings.

Don’t miss out on this special prize draw for total exploitation if you have more than 100 points on your Young Scot card it’s time for a reward. Unpaid work.

Justice Music Video Should Be A Movie.

I’m a massive fan of the French electro group Justice and this new music video for their track New Lands, taken from their album Audio, Video, Disco, is nothing short of amazing.

Directed by Canada the video is a hybrid of Any Given Sunday, North Dallas Forty and Rollerball and features a futuristic game blending baseball, roller derby and American football to fantastic effect. I doubt it will be long before some A-List Hollywood director decides to use this video as ‘inspiration’ for a similarly themed movie.


Hell Broke Luce – Tom Waits At His Best.

The music video above is for the song Hell Broke Luce from the 2011 album Bad As Me by Tom Waits. The highly politically themed video was put together by Waits and  directed by photographer Matt Mahurin.

Fans have been speculating as to the basis of the song and Waits has indeed hinted that it pertains to the life and death of Jeffrey Lucey, an Iraq war veteran who returned home only to take his own life.