Pop Song Mash-Up Proves All Pop Songs Sounds The Same.

It gets in your head and stays there all day long. You catch yourself inadvertently whistling it whilst at work and humming it while you sit on the can. Pop songs are infectious but that’s probably because the majority of them these days sound almost identical

And just to prove this point here’s a an excellent mash-up of some of the most popular hits of the past 12 months in under four minutes. The collection was remixed by YouTube user Vissagan, who explained:

I was listening to the radio when I realized I could mix every song I had just heard. Pop songs are so replaceable these days…


The 1st Min Of The Caddyshack Theme Remixed.

There are very few films which instantly remind us of summer, movies which prompt us to recall long afternoons, short sleeves, warmer climes and ever lasting sunsets. One film in particular, for us at least, which gets the old summer memory sensory firing is the classic Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield golf romp Caddyshack.

Here’s a nifty remix by DJPanther72 of the very first minute of the Caddyshack theme, (I’m alright sung by Kenny Loggins), you know the bit with the golf course at dawn, the sprinklers and then the all important gopher?

Cassetteboy Vs The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

If you live and work in Britain it’s almost completely unavoidable that you will have heard or read about the Queen’s impending Diamond Jubilee which takes place this weekend for four full fucking days.

Thankfully video manipulator Cassetteboy has released a dirty little tribute to Her Majesty to take our minds off the whole affair.


Tenacious D Have A New Video And A New Album.

This six minute long beast heralds the return of the comedy musical duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass and their forthcoming album Rize Of The Fenix, since their disappointing box office flop that was Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny. In fact since that turkey the pair have done very little together, until now.

Less a music video and more of a promotional short film it stars Tim Robbins, Val Kilmer and Dave Grohl, who has confirmed he plays the drums for most of the tracks on the new album which will be released in May which will be supported by a 16 day tour across the States by the duo.


Tulisa’s New Music Video Doesn’t Feature Any Pink Tractor Beams

Fresh from her leaked sex tape scandal the Queen of Chavs and pop songstress Tulisa Contostavlos has somehow managed to push shame and humiliation to one side, to concentrate on the release of her new single and music video for We Are Young, which has the lyrics: ‘Forgive me for what I have done.’  Convenient eh?

The video features what has to be one of the single most exciting days ever recorded in history. Tulisa sings that being young means you live life on the edge without compromise and aptly demonstrates so by leaving her luggage by the side of the road, riding in a convertible car without a seatbelt, stealing a tiny, disease-ridden baby goat, sitting on an old couch soaked in tramp’s piss under a motorway, jumping up and down in an Ikea showroom, strutting about a Morrison’s car park in high heels, slapping an engorged, meaty member across her forehead  and painting her nails. The London Riots have nothing on this girl.

And the good news for every track-suited, Doritos party bag eating family in Britain is that Tulisa will return as a judge on this year’s X Factor, thanks to Simon Cowell and his merciful high-waisted trousers. KFC family failure buckets all round!

The Female Boss adding some much needed pazazz to her local Morrison's car park.


MIA’s New Music Video Bad Girls.

The video above is for M.I.A.’s latest single Bad Girls and it’s currently getting just as much attention online as their last collaboration with French film director Romain Gavras when they made the controversial and intense music video for their 2010 single Born Free.

Shot in Morocco and featuring a range of cars and stunt driving based on the infamous Trick Driving craze in Saudi Arabia, the video looks glorious and the tune ain’t bad either, but what’s really interesting is how director Gavras actually put the scenes together. Below is a fascinating 13 minute long making-of featurette which includes a rather unconventional love story.


Terriers Theme Tune.

We’re only now discovering the delights of the short lived detective series Terriers which was produced Shawn Ryan, who created The Shield.

The fact that this highly enjoyable series set on Ocean Beach, California, about an ex-cop who’s a recovering alcoholic and his private investigating partner who’s an ex-criminal, only last 13 episodes before it was canned is a crime in itself.

At least we can still enjoy the show’s catchy theme tune, Gunfight Epiphany sung by Rob Duncan. This show gets cancelled yet Desperate Housewives is in it’s eighth season?

Wee Wullie Bluenose & The Teddy Bears Will Save Rangers FC.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to live in a cave down by the beach in this country or happen to reside outside of Scotland then you might not know the epic story about how the future of Glasgow Rangers Football Club currently looks very bleak indeed.

The story has dominated the news in Scotland and when the club went into administration last month manager Ally McCoist defiantly assured staff and fans alike that ‘We don’t do walking away‘.

Hey Wullie! That’s us walking away now…with our hands over our ears.