Scots Lass Gives Honest Reaction To Train Ticket Price Hike.

Yesterday’s news that train tickets in the UK are to rise by 3.2% by 2015 came as a shock to most people, who already pay through the nose for a less than reliable service.

Taking to the streets to gauge public opinion on the price increase, this journalist for STV News ended up with one of the single most honest reactions he could have hoped for.

CNN’s Rosemary Church Wants Water Cannons In Ferguson.

Rosemary Church is a woman who sits at a desk in front of a camera and is paid money by CNN to form words, which tumble out of her mouth, pertaining to current events. They call this job journalism and yesterday Rosemary proved to the world she was a qualified “journalist” when she suggested that the police in Ferguson should turn the water cannons on community protesters, who are currently demonstrating against the shooting of Michael Brown by police.

The look she earned herself from her colleague Eroll Barnett says it all.

Lego Greenpeace – Everything Is NOT Awesome.

No matter what your views are on Greenpeace and the amazing work they do, you can’t deny this is clever.

A video which is bound to go viral depicting through the use of Lego the message that everything really isn’t awesome, especially for the wildlife and natural environment in the Arctic, thanks to recent oil drilling activities by Shell.

It’s a protest video aimed at highlighting the unsavoury partnership Lego currently has with oil company Shell in producing products emblazoned with it’s logo for kids. As they also explain:

We love LEGO. You love LEGO. Everyone loves LEGO.

But when LEGO’s halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something.

Children’s imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today.

They even have a petition for you to sign if you feel strongly about this issue:

I’m now torn as to what I find more upsetting, the decline of real-life wild animals or Lego ones.


Avast! Trailer For The Riot Club.

Britain is well known for its elitist class of Eton educated politicians who spent their formative years at University lording it up on the back of mum and dad’s cheque book, before coming a cropper and having to pull one’s socks up so that Papa could find them a suitable job in the real world, probably on the London stock exchange.

This venerable class of in-bred aristocracy, who carry with them an air of entitlement and behave like Stannis Baratheon in that they have a ‘birthright’ to lead this country have been the topic of many a British film, but The Riot Club is different.

Directed by Lone Scherfig its a movie based on a play called Posh written by Laura Wade and takes inspiration directly from the fop-haired, waistcoat wearing real-life posh boy’s super, secret Bullingdon Club, which Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson and current Chancellor George Osborne have all been members of.

The Riot Club opens on September 19.


A 12 Year-Old Explains World Debt.

Here’s 12 year-old Victoria Grant, she’s Canadian and she gave an unbelievable speech in 2012 about her thoughts on her own country’s debt and the reasons why she thinks the rest of the world is facing such financial hardships and offers up a solution to help solve the problem. Something tells me this girl will go far in life.

Uber Rich Man Thinks Poor People Are Great.

If you’ve seen The Wolf Of Wall Street or have read the brilliant book Cityboy by Geraint Anderson then this video clip of a repugnantly wealthy white man in a suit gloating that it’s great we live in a world with so many poor people, won’t come as much of a surprise.

Incidentally the man in the clip is Kevin O’Leary who is worth over $300m and once graduated from college with a degree in environmental studies and…wait for it… anthropology.

That Russell Brand Interview With Jeremy Paxman.

Hollywood actor/stand-up comedian Russell Brand appeared on this week’s Newsnight with host Jeremy Paxman and went into a fantastic rant about the reasoning behind his personal decision to refrain from voting.

Regardless if you’re fan of Brand’s work or not there is no denying that he makes some valid points throughout the chat and it’s refreshing to see someone as passionate and as animated about what’s going on in the world today.

Super Tory Boy: The Game

super tory

With the country in pretty poor shape right now, (current UK deficit stands at £1.2 trillion), most of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the present Government, in particular the Conservative party.

Trust the Internet to throw up a light hearted approach to apportioning blame, through the medium of a nifty little platform game called Super Tory Boy, an homage to Super Mario. Players can chose between three characters; Dave, Gideon and Boris.

Play the game HERE.

Lazy Daily Mail Article Riles Up Jingoistic/Elitist Readership.

The Daily Mail’s website posted up an article today about supposed spelling mistakes by local authority workers on road signs across the country. They led with a picture, (above), of a road outside of Innellan Primary school near Dunoon in Argyll where the word ‘SCKOOL’ can be clearly seen in yellow lettering painted on the road. Of course to anyone passing this looks like a spelling mistake by council road workers, but there’s an altogether different explanation which the Daily Mail conveniently overlooked. Because facts, who needs them, right?

The real story is that a sub-contracted construction firm dug a trench across the road which ran right through the original yellow ‘H’. You can see in the picture where they’ve refilled and tarmaced over it. Of course the firm didn’t have any of the official road lettering stencils the council use nor did they have the specific yellow paint used by the roads department, so they left the ‘H’ without a middle bar and end stalk. The ‘K’, (which you can see in the picture), was actually painted in by a well known member of the public as a prank and has yet to be corrected. Of course I found out this information with a simple five minute phone call to a Dunoon based council worker and a local resident who lives near Innellan Primary and I’m not even a paid journalist.

Nothing unusual about the Daily Mail failing to check the facts on a story but what was interesting were the comments below the article. A heady mix of class elitism and straight-up jingoism. Nigel Farage would be proud:

DM 5

DM 4

DM 3

DM 2

DM 1