Hilarious British Basketball Commentary.

Us Brits know just as much about Basketball and American Football as Americans know about Soccer and the video above highlights this fact to hilarious effect.

Although the footage featured in the video is in fact a computer generated game the humour isn’t lost as the commentary is jam packed full of one-liners even Alan Partridge would be proud of. If only real sports commentary could be more like this.

You can watch more videos like this one over at CPU v CPU’s official YouTube page.

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Norwich Fans Incensed At Liverpool Fan’s Imaginary Penis.

Liverpool destroyed Norwich at the weekend winning 3-0 courtesy of a Suarez hat-trick.

Of course it wasn’t the best of days for Norwich fans which quickly turned even worse when a Liverpool fan ran onto the pitch and whipped out his enormous, imaginary penis and aimed it at them.

Ice Hockey Match Gets All Fighty.

Ah, ice hockey. How we just love the fact that in between all the legal fisticuffs and brawling an actual game is to be played. But who in their right mind can be bothered watching hockey when you’ve got gladitorial entertainment like this?

This specific brawl happened last night during the sixth game of the 2012 Eastern Conference Quarter Finals between the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. The two players who trade blows were Brandon Prust and Chris Neilis.

Are you watching this Didier Drogba?


The Olympics 2012 – Glasgow Style.

This music video for the new single Mickey 999 from Scottish band Mickey 9s envisages what the 2012 Olympics might look like if it were held in Glasgow.

The sense of realism portrayed in this video is so gritty and truthful even Ken Loach would be proud.

You can fan up Mickey 9s on Facebook or Twitter.

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The Swagger Marathon needs to become an Olympic event. Now!

Wee Wullie Bluenose & The Teddy Bears Will Save Rangers FC.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to live in a cave down by the beach in this country or happen to reside outside of Scotland then you might not know the epic story about how the future of Glasgow Rangers Football Club currently looks very bleak indeed.

The story has dominated the news in Scotland and when the club went into administration last month manager Ally McCoist defiantly assured staff and fans alike that ‘We don’t do walking away‘.

Hey Wullie! That’s us walking away now…with our hands over our ears.

Beckham Was Nearly Killed By A Beer Can.

England’s prince of football was nearly killed last night by a flying beer can during an MLS soccer game between LA Galaxy and Toronto FC.

The horrifying incident happened just before Becks took a corner kick, which resulted in an equalising goal, as the empty beer can traveling at over 100mph landed only inches from his metro-sexual hair. Beckham, quite clearly shaken from his ordeal bravely retrieved the can, which experts believe would have been white hot due to the speed at which it had been thrown, and brandished it at the crowd of Toronto supporters in an act of defiance.

The game ended 2-2.