Sepak Takraw Is Your New Favourite Sport.

It’s like an insane mash-up of volleyball and hackey sack.

Sepak Takraw is a Malaysian sport which people have been playing as early as the 15th century. Dubbed Kick Volleyball teams use a Rattan ball, (made out of vines), and have to keep the ball from hitting the floor on their court with the use of their feet. It’s like ninja keepie-uppies.

(via With Leather)

Insane POV Video Of A Downhill Street Bike Race.

This video puts street bike racing on a whole new level…it’s like Super Mario Bike.

It was shot in Manizales, Colombia last year by rider Marcelo Gutierrez, who rigged his bike with an on-board camera to give people a real feel of just how hairy the course was. Not content with having riders navigate through tight streets, sharp corners and concrete steps, organisers threw in some ramps for good measure.

If you turn the volume up before he screams out of the starting blocks you can actually hear his heart beating and no wonder.

Chisora Brawls With Haye At Press Conference.

In case you missed it the integrity and reputation of British boxing took a hammering last night.

It all started when heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora sqaured up to his opponent, Vitali Klitschko, before their big fight during the weigh in and slapped him across the face he then spat water in his opponents face before the first round started. Thankfully Klitschko went on to win the fight and even in defeat Chisora displayed no grace by once again squaring up to the big Ukranian in the ring.

Then came the post match press conference which quickly descended into an episode of The Jeremy Kyle show with Chisora trading verbal insults with former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye who was, for some unknown reason, attending the press conference. Chisora left the stage with microphone in hand, waded through the journalists, confronted Haye face to face and then all hell broke loose. During the fracas Chisora claims that he was glassed by Haye and in retiliation announced that he intends to shoot him.

Detectives refused to confirm whether official action has been taken or whether an investigation is planned.


Bus Driver Jailed For Deliberately Hitting Cyclist.

The CCTV footage above clearly shows the minute the red mist descended on bus driver Gavin Hill as he uses his vehicle ‘as a weapon’ against cyclist Phillip Mead.

The incident happened in Bristol after an altercation between both men on the road. Mr Mead’s injuries were so severe he was left to recover in hospital for two weeks.

Hill was sentenced to 17 months.

(via BBC News)

Alex Thomson Does A Keel Walk.

As pirates we have to admit that the stunt this dapper lunatic performed called ‘The Keel Walk’ was downright impressive and insane.

Alex Thomson is a very talented British sailor, this year alone he will¬†attempt to be the first Briton to win the ‘Everest’ of offshore yacht racing: the solo, unassisted, non-stop round-the-world Vendee Globe, which starts on 10th November 2012 in France. You can learn more about the man at his main webite and Facebook page.

In the meantime watch the video below and remember that the Hugo Boss yacht he’s keel walking on weighs over eight tonnes.



Rugby Ref Tells Player: ‘This Is Not Soccer!’

Our only gripe with this video is that rugby referee Nigel Owens uses the word ‘soccer‘ and not ‘football‘, the sport’s official international title to chastise the player during a recent match between Munster and Treviso.

That being said, here is a perfect example of why rugby is streets ahead of football in terms of discipline and progress. You cannot back chat to the ref during a game or you’ll be instantly penalised. Christ, we’ve been in games before where spectators watching from the sidelines have been yellow carded for shouting abuse at the referee and that’s no exaggeration..

It’s dead simple if your players, in any sport, fail to respect the rules of the game laid out by the officials in charge, then it’s time you took an early shower. No arguments.


Passed Out Football Fan Becomes A Work Of Art.

This is your worst nightmare. Falling asleep, or passing out after having one too many, at a massive public gathering with friends who cannot wait to exploit your situation for a few laughs, while your completely oblivious.

By the way who the f@ck brings an i-Pad to a sporting event?