Scotland Beat Australia – Players Celebrate By Headbutting Each Other.

Not since 1982 has Scotland managed to win against The Wallabies but the boys in blue did just that today in Newcastle, Australia where they beat the World Cup runners up 9-6 in a thrilling test match played in horrendous conditions.

Apart from slotting over a late match winning penalty after the siren for full time had blown, the other highlight happened during the team’s celebrations when Alasdair Strokosch and Joe Ansbro accidentally clashed heads, leaving Ansbro with a healthy gash above his eye which needed stitches.

You can tell us Scots aren’t used to winning.

An Inspirational Video To Help You Move Your Arse!

The kid in this video is Matt and he has spastic cerebral palsy which means taking part in a school sports day race is incredibly difficult for him, on account of the limited movement his body allows.

The school Matt attends is Colonial Hills Elementary School and despite being given the opportunity to sit the 400m race out, his sheer determination put a great big line through that option.

Never do I want to hear the following phrases out of your mouth again: ‘I’m too tired‘, ‘I give up‘, ‘It’s too difficult‘, ‘The Apprentice is on the other channel right now‘.

Rugby Player ‘The Beast’ Would Have Made A Great Scaffolder.

Sharks player Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira is the living definition of a pair of safe hands.

Supporting his man during kick off and hanging onto him preventing a possible serious injury, The Beast is definately the kind of player you want on your team. Ballerinas around the world have just fainted watching this video.

Powerbreather Device Allows Swimmers To Breathe Continuously.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to breathe when you’re swimming. It’s such a hassle but apparently some egghead in a lab coat insists if you don’t you will ‘drown’. Thankfully someone has gone and invented a portable breathing device for swimmers called the Powerbreather, which means you’ll never need to lift your stupid, big head out of the water again. Hopefully this company can invent a portable propulsion device for swimmers too that way you won’t need to flap your feet or move your arms.

(via I Heart Chaos)

Hilarious British Basketball Commentary.

Us Brits know just as much about Basketball and American Football as Americans know about Soccer and the video above highlights this fact to hilarious effect.

Although the footage featured in the video is in fact a computer generated game the humour isn’t lost as the commentary is jam packed full of one-liners even Alan Partridge would be proud of. If only real sports commentary could be more like this.

You can watch more videos like this one over at CPU v CPU’s official YouTube page.

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