Unforgiven Tribute T-Shirt @ The DOFC.

We’ve been meaning to post this for some time. If like us you appreciate Clint Eastwood’s classic western Unforgiven with all its moral ambiguity and bleakness then you’ll love this tribute t-shirt from our good friends and sponsors, The DOFC.

Munny’s Dry Goods takes direct inspiration from the end of the movie, (SPOILER ALERT!), and continues the myth of the aging outlaw William Munny.

This scene goes down as one of our all time favourites:


Fantastic Star Trek T-Shirt.

This brilliant Star Trek tribute t-shirt was created by a very talented individual simply known as heartjack and is available to buy on Tee Fury right this instant.

According to the shirt’s creator: ‘Man’s Ruin’ is a classic old school tattoo, warning sailors of the dangers awaiting them on shore. It just seemed natural that the spacefarers of the Trek universe would be equally tempted. And yes that is Romulan ale that Orion is sitting in.

You know we have a lot in common with the crew of the USS Enterprise. We work and live on a vessel. We’ve travelled to far off exotic and sometimes disturbing locations and we have a fond weakness for women who are blue.

Want to buy this fine piece of geeky apparel? Chart a course for HERE.