Game Of Thrones 3 Looks Amazing.

Here it is, a quick look at the up and coming season three of the critically acclaimed fantasy series Game Of Thrones.

It gives the viewer an appreciation of the amount of work and logistics which go into each season of this remarkable series. We also get to have a sneak peak at some of the new cast members and locations.

Channel Four News Put The Past On Trial Last Night.

If you didn’t see it then here’s the first 30 mins of a sensational piece of British broadcasting journalism.

Channel Four news announced they were putting the past on trial by broadcasting a series of reports covering the North Wales care homes scandals, Hillsborough, Jimmy Savile, the freemasons and paedophile rings. Quite an unbelievable compendium of reports in what has to be a landmark moment in television journalism.

We can only hope that the momentum behind these stories doesn’t stall.

Philip Schofield Handed A List Of Suspected Child Paedos To The PM…On Live TV.

Earlier today something unprecedented happened on British TV. Presenter Philip Schofield was interviewing Prime Minister David Cameron on the ITV programme This Morning, when completely out of the blue he produced a written list of names who he had found plastered over the Internet as suspected child paedophiles. He handed the list to Cameron and asked if he was going to speak to those people on the list about the allegations. Presumably because some of the names might have been prominent MPs.

Inexplicably Cameron’s reply, (incidentally without even looking at the list), was to suggest that this was an action which could spark a witch hunt against people who are gay. That’s right the Prime Minister was warning Philip Schofield that the names on the list were gay, not suspected child paedophiles, but homosexuals. I’m I the only one who doesn’t understand this response?

To start with the names are from the Internet which let’s be honest isn’t always the most reliable source of solid information, or indeed evidence but Schofield’s actions are just the latest in a long line of developments which point to a real possibility that an elite British paedophile ring  has operated on these shores for over 40 years, whose members may have included prominent MPs. Just last month Labour MP Tom Watson addressed Cameron in parliament during Prime Minister’s Questions and asked about allegations involving an aide to a former Prime Minister who could allegedly procure pictures of children.

Cameron is certainly feeling the pressure mount with this story but to somehow use the cover of being a ‘homosexual’ when these people are being accused of child paedophilia is quite simply baffling.

DVD Recommendation: Wild Bill.

Staying in this weekend? Bored with the telly? Then seek out the highly underrated Brit flick Wild Bill. It stars the incredible Charlie Creed Miles and is directed by Dexter ‘Press Gang’ Fletcher. Don’t pre-judge this flick as a standard cockney geezer/gangster effort, it has far more character to it than that. It has a raft of well known British supporting actors including Marc Warren, Leo Gregory, Andy Serkis, Sean Pertwee and Jason Flemyng.

If you like Westerns then you’ll love Wild Bill.

Joss Whedon Will Direct S.H.I.E.L.D. The TV Series.

It was announced a few weeks back that Avengers director Joss Wedon was in negotiations to produce a TV series for ABC, based on a Marvel property, following his confirmation that he’ll be writing and directing a sequel to the hugely successful Avengers movie. For a while I was convinced he was going to remake The Incredible Hulk for the small screen but apparently Guillermo del Toro already has that TV series in-development, instead it appears that Whedon will be bringing S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) to living rooms across the globe.

For anyone unfamiliar with S.H.I.E.L.D. (don’t feel too bad because you’ve probably had sex with an actual lady), it’s basically a military law enforcement agency and peacekeeping group spearheaded by Nick Fury, who was played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel movies. The organisation was responsible for bring the Avengers together but apart from these very basic details little else is known about the planned TV series. There is of course hope that the brilliant Gregg Clark, who plays Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel movies, will have a primary role and there’s no confirmation if Jackson will resume his role as Nick Fury for the small screen.