Begad! Pints That Fill Up From The Bottom?

Pints of  grog which fill up from the bottom to the top? This is madness, complete madness surely the person responsible for this machine is well versed in the dark arts? Apparently it’s actually very simple, specially designed glasses, which can only be used with the Bottoms Up Dispensing System,  have a magnetic flapper on the base which pushes up once placed on the dispenser cylinder, which then fills the glass from the bottom up at lightening speed. When the glass is removed from the machine the magnetic flapper closes the hole in the bottom of the glass. One of the main advantages to a system like this is you can pour many more pints in a short space of time because when you fill beer from the bottom up you don’t create foam therefore you get a quicker fill. But probably the smartest thing about this system is that companies can place adverts on the magnetic flappers on the bottom of the glasses. Genius. (via The Spoiler).

If you want to know more about the Bottoms Up Dispensing System chart a course for HERE.

Not The Advert Skipper’s Pipes Had In Mind.

Me love the laco peep.

Sweet mother of pearl! What the f@ck are they feeding people over in Finland? This video of a rather unique looking gentleman literally working himself up into a lather over eating some licorice, is even more disturbing than that picture of an alien in the Louisiana woods, (see below). Apparently the young man is so excited over his Skipper Licorice Pipes, because just like candy cigarettes they are banned in Finland, that he cannot control his enormous nerdgasm for his big Finnish…sorry, couldn’t resist.

UPDATE: This is an actual protest video against the Finnish government for banning the sale of licorice pipes. How very militant.

Begad! Hunter Snaps Strange Creature On Camera.

Set kecks to scarecited! This image, which has fascinated the entire crew here, was allegedly taken by an anonymous hunter in Louisiana. He wants to remain anonymous for fear of people claiming that he’s a hoaxer. Apparently this humanoid lurker of a creature was snapped by the hunter’s deer camera which was set up on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The hunter claims that when he went to retrieve the camera the next morning he found it, along with his hide, in pieces. He took what was left of his camera home and managed to  download the pictures to his computer before screaming so loudly his trousers flew across his sitting room. This image has been burning up the Internet over the last few days and it could be one of three things:

1. A viral promotional picture of a Grim, for the up and coming PS3 alien invasion game Resistance 3.

2. A viral promotional still from the up and coming Steven Spielberg/JJ Abrams alien movie Super 8.

3. It’s real. Anyone want to buy a five man tent and some sleeping bags? We have no further use for them…ever!

N.B. Here’s a video of what some people online are claiming is the same hoax, a video taken by some hunters in Spain who claim they accidentally came a cross a similar looking creature in the woods.

Rich Git Exploits Mugging For More Cabbage

Looks like someone's cleaned Bernie's clock. Eh? Eh?

In case you didn’t know, or have never read The Daily Mail, Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was mugged recently and left with a corking shiner. Apparently four men attacked the billionaire outside his office in London and stole his Hublot watch, (Formula One’s official watchmaker). Not one to be outdone by greedy, money grabbing opportunists Bernie turned his traumatic experience into a money making advertisement for the very brand of watch he had stolen. His battered coupon appears on the Hublot advert with the tagline: “See what people will do for a Hublot watch.”  Nice one Ernie, just a shame you hadn’t been raped by a horse, we think you would’ve looked fantastic in a pair of jodhpurs.

Minus13? Time For A Dip.

We actually know this total f@cking nutcase pleasant young man who took it upon himself to cool down after work by taking a dip in the lukewarm waters of Loch Eck in Argyll during one of the coldest spells of weather the UK has experienced. The fact that the temperature was around a sweltering minus 13 didn’t phase Callum as he eagerly exited his long johns.

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Manly Feeling Prof Calls For Assassangation!

I'm feeling manly today. Look at how manly I feel. Look at it!

Here’s footage of a Canadian news programme recorded yesterday which shows Prof Tom Flanagan,  ex-senior advisor and strategist to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange.  Flanagan, a professor of political science, suggests that president Obama should take a contract out on Assange and have a drone kill him. Flanagan, who’s political leanings are well known in Canada as being decidedly conservative, is now being accused of announcing the first  televised “fatwa” since  the late Ayatollah Khomeini declared one against British writer Salman Rushdie in February 1989.

N.B. Here’s a little nugget of future advice from the crew of HMS Friday to all these overweight, over privileged, rich, powerful men in suits who seem to have collectively managed to frantically tangle up their panties in a tight sweaty bunch over these Wikileak documents. If you don’t really want people to know what you think, said or did, don’t leave a trace. (Cue generic catchphrase from a meerkat with a Russian accent).

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Two Cats, Two Crows, One Almighty Tear Up!
EMBED-Epic Animal Street Fight – Watch more free videos

Crows really are the Chuck Norris of the garden bird world. Hard as nails and completely fearless. Just the other day we witnessed one taking on a kestrel in mid-air. The ariel dogfight went on for at least 45 minutes before the kestrel gave up and flew off. This video shows just how mettlesome they really are as two circle and taunt a pair of cats who are about to get into it with one another. Our streets may be dangerous but our gardens are war zones.

HMS Friday’s Text Chats – Corey Haim’s Death

Here’s a little video we made based upon a mobile text conversation between two of the crew here at HMS Friday. It’s concerning the untimely death of Lost Boys actor Corey Haim…and Buck Rogers.

Did you hear about Corey Haim?

Ugly Betty Actor Beheads Mother.

There must be something in the air at this time of year. Following on from Emillio ‘ol crazy eyes’ Deveza’s story comes news that an actor, who appeared in the hit TV series Ugly Betty and the movie Step-Up 3D,  killed his own mother by slicing off her head with a sword. Apparently neighbours heard screaming from their house before they called the police who took 45 minutes to force their way in and give Brea a double helping of a taser gun. The 31 year-old, who is a low level Freemason, was alleged to have been shouting passages from the bible before he severed his mother’s head with a three foot long Freemason’s ceremonial sword. One neighbour told police he heard Brea shouting: ‘Repent! Repent! Repent!’ (set sail for TMZ).

Acting roles in Ugly Betty and Step-Up 3D? Don’t really think it was your mother who needed to repent. Eh Michael?