Man With ‘Half A Head’ Arrested In Miami.

Yes, this mugshot picture is real and yes the man does actually have a flattened skull. Picked up by police in Miami 25 year-old Carlos Rodriguez was arrested by a female undercover cop after he tried to pay her for some head sex. No stranger to the justice system Carlos has in the past managed to rack up an impressive priors list including possession of weed and disorderly intoxication. (via Tabloid Prodigy)

Apparently police wrote ‘half a head’ on his arrest sheet under the section ‘unique physical features’.

Mouth Breathers Cover Train In Paint.

The best example of train graffiti we've ever come across.

Here’s a video which was shot somewhere in Germany of a group of balaclava wearing graffiti artists covering an entire train with paint and getting away with it. Street art? We’ve seen crayon pictures by eight year-olds with more artistic flare. We can’t quite figure out why the train driver didn’t just override the emergency alarm/brake to pull away from the station, or why they were allowed to continue with their vandalism for so long without interruption.

Apparently this ‘process’ is called’ train bombing’, (unfortunate), or ‘back jumping’. The video below was taken in Russia and although their effort is slightly better and they can actually spell, they also physically abuse the train driver who tries to interrupt their art to chase them off during their second attempt.

But it’s not all about jobless wasters with an intent to destroy and deface public facilities at the taxpayers expense. The Cleaning Unit are a group of mysterious kids who run around the rail stations of London cleaning trains with wet wipes and windolene. Bless.

Girl Has Hand Grafted Onto Foot.

Ming Lee before and after.

The above picture is of a young Chinese girl’s foot which has her left hand grafted onto it. Earlier this year nine year-old Ming Lee had her hand severed underneath the wheel of a tractor. The hand was so badly damaged the only thing Chinese doctors could do was to graft it onto her foot to keep it alive. They left it there for three months before sewing it back onto her arm and so far rehab has proved a huge success, with progress in movement and blood circulation. (via Neatorama)

Could have been a lot worse, at least she didn’t end up like this.

World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan…Is Himself.

Apparently the real Harry Potter lives in a bedsit.

The video below aptly depicts the sole reason why we haven’t collectively published our manuscript here at HMS Friday. It’s an epic yarn involving young children in gowns, talking magical manatees, haunted opium dens and round after round of sticky iced buns. But we’re scared to find a publisher as we know the kind of manic hysteria it will create and how some people will take things a little too far and venture into that scary, slightly unnerving, obsessed to the point that they’ve lost touch with reality and have developed a strange accent kind of area. You know there’s a lot of advantages to being poor and undiscovered.

N.B. Apparently his fifth tattoo will read: I Will Always Live Alone. (In Latin, of course).

Security Guard Tackles Drunk Fan…With Head.

As the headline describes this is exactly what should happen to every attention seeking inebriated moron who strips half naked and takes to a pitch to interrupt any sport. No tazers, no tear gas, no batons just a good old dose of unecesarry roughness. Talent scouts should be trying to find out the name of that college security gaurd, although something tells us it may be David Dunn.

Drugged Up Bulgarian Gypsy Goes Tonto.

Oh! Look at his wee face.

Bulgaria scares us. There, we said it. Our blinkered view of the country is probably a direct result of reading the excellent book McMafia by Misha Glenny and his disturbing chapter on Bulgaria’s criminal underworld. The country, in his opinion, is awash with drugs, (well which country isn’t?). So this news story should come as no surprise as it involves a Bulgarian gypsy taking too many magic sweeties and going on a one man rampagathon*. Apparently once Angel Atanasov had successfully wired himself into the moon he severed part of his penis off, stabbed a lamb to death, cut off his father’s ear, stole a car, crashed into a motorcycle and set a farm on fire. According to the police the man, who is now in intensive care, took the drugs because he was bored. Haven’t these people heard of dominoes?

If you would like to know more about Angel’s epic drug fuelled rampage then chart a course for HERE.

*The word rampagathon was invented by us and is now being considered as an official entry on the website Urban Dictionary. That sound you can hear is us, high fiving ourselves.

Kitty-Kat Wards Off Gators.

Cats! Oh how they make our blood run cold. Unpredictably aggressive, non committal, frighteningly fast and secret poopers. Cats also manage to effortlessly blend courage with stupidity as this video clearly demonstrates.

N.B. Eliah missed nothing unbelievable, for behold the majestic power of the video camera!

It’s Time To Sex Death Up.

The last thing you would associate death with would be scantily clad women in sexy lingerie, unless of course you are Peter Stringfellow. But that’s exactly what Polish funerals company Lindner has done by way of their official calendar, which features said half naked women posing next to coffins. If you’re the kind of sick puppy who would like to see the rest of the images from Lindner’s calendar then chart a course for website Anorak who have kindly put together an excellent slideshow. We particularly like image number 18.

By The Seat Of Their Salopettes!

Not much is known about this video which was shot in Svaneke Harbour, Denmark during a high storm. The yacht apparently had spent 26 hours at sea and out of a crew of nine Poles only one was an experienced sailor. As things got a little ropey on approach to the harbour entrance Poland’s answer to the ancient mariner took the helm and as you can see pulled off a daring and pretty impressive manoeuvre to get safely in. We would like to imagine he swigging from a full strength bottle of Żubrówka vodka while doing so.

Bagad! The Horror! The Horror!

This, apart from a whole legion of other things, is probably the single most terrifying cover version of Rihanna’s hit single Only Girl (In The World). WARNING: Once you watch this video you cannot unsee what you will see.

Don’t ask how we discovered this, it’s not something we’re proud of.