Canadian Daredevil Breaks World Slackline Record.

If you suffer from a fear of heights then it’s probably best you don’t watch the video above as Canadian daredevil Spencer Seabrooke walks over a 210ft gap, at a height of almost 1,000ft on a slackline.

Spencer was successful in breaking the world record but nearly fell a couple of times at the beginning of his attempt. The entire spectacle was caught on camera by Zac Moxley and his amazing drone camera work. Speaking about filming the event Zac said:

This had to have been one of the most gut wrenching things I’ve experienced in my whole life, between operating the drone and watching him walk 290 meters above the earth’s floor, it was definitely something I have never experienced.


18ft Tiger Shark Caught In Australia.


Although the pictures and details of this story are fascinating the fact that this majestic fish is no longer swimming in the ocean is tragic.

Apparently this magnificent beast was caught three weeks ago off Nine Mile Beach in Byron Bay, in the northernmost corner of New South Wales. After two pictures appeared on Facebook appearing to detail the sheer size of the shark, various conservation groups tried to get to the bottom of the story.

This is where things get a little murky, the man who originally posted the images to his social media account claims that the shark was hunted and killed intentionally, following a local attack. Shortly after that claim local newspaper Northern Star published an interview with a fisherman known only as Matthew who stated he was the man who landed the shark, and that he was in the process of catching a Hammerhead when this colossal beast rose up and ate his catch in front of him. Matthew stated:

“I was fighting the hammerhead and he came up and swallowed it. You can’t turn around and go no, don’t touch, to something like that…I’ve dived with sharks bigger than that, it’s only a little one. I’ve seen tiger sharks 24-feet-long (7 metres) off Tweed.”

It’s not illegal to catch a Tiger shark this size so an investigation into the landing of this beast will not be carried out, but conservation groups are concerned that without proper regulations in place to safeguard the future of some species of shark in the New South Wales area, some of them could be fished out of existence.


Angelina Jolie Look-A-Like Is Burning Up The Internet.

Good night world 😴 #sleepy

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Now and again someone pops up on the old information superhighway who sends millions of users into a frothing mess. Veronika Black is one such person, a woman who claims to be Angelina-Jolie’s real-life doppelganger. Thanks to her much touted likeness Veronika has garnered 650,000 followers on Instagram and been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.


Facially she does resemble the Hollywood movie star Jolie, but thanks to two breast augmentations that’s pretty much where the similarities end. And what future lies ahead for a person who is largely known for resembling another person? Well umpteen photo-shoots are in the pipeline for Veronika along with appearances in music videos, but as long as she continues to post on Instagram she will always be ‘Internet famous.’

Time for dinner in #Dubai! Starving! 🌅 #Ramadan

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San Fran News Crew Robbed Whilst On Air.


The video below captures the moment Cara Liu from KTVU news, in San Francisco, was robbed at gunpoint by a gang wearing ski masks as she attempted to report live from Pier 14.

Liu was there to cover a previous story which involved an unprovoked shooting at the Pier when she along with the rest her crew were mugged by an armed gang, who stole their camera equipment and pistol whipped the camera operator.

Apparently this is the latest in a line of attacks on news crews in the San Francisco area, whose stations have been forced to employ former cops and security guards to ensure the safety on the streets.


CEO Demos Armoured Merc With The Use Of An AK-47.

Next time you’re racked with nerves before a business power-point demonstration spare a thought for the CEO of the Texas Armouring Corporation.

Any time he has to demonstrate the effectiveness of his company’s armoured vehicles he has to sit behind the wheel while an employee, (hopefully not disgruntled), opens fire at him with an AK-47.

Talk about faith in your product.

London Shirtless Man Gets Hit By Road Rage Driver.

Here’s pretty shocking footage of an incident of road rage filmed on April 9th in the east end of London.

It starts with an angry shirtless man and ends with a BMW ramming another car in a failed attempt to runover the shirtless man.

Apparantly police have viewed the footage and are currently investigating the matter. No-one was seriously injured in the altercation.