Mullets, Lager, Guns & Techno.

This is a trailer for a Dutch film released at the end of last year called New Kids Turbo based on five characters who feature in a hit television comedy series in Holland called, surprisingly, New Kids. The film basically outlines how these five lager drinking, tracksuit wearing, techno listening wasters, (chavs if you’re in England, neds if you’re in Scotland and rednecks if you’re in America), end up dealing with civil unrest in their home town due to the country’s economic collapse. Apparently they end up arming themselves to the teeth following a visit to a local farmer who also happens to be a survivalist Nazi.

80s band Kajagoogoo reinvent themselves for their big comeback.

Below is the promotional music video by Dutch happy hardcore DJ Paul Elstak, whose music features heavily throughout the film. Guns and pumping techno? What more do you want from a movie?

In Soviet Union TV Appears On You.

Shazaamski! Right to the baby maker!

We have absolutely no idea what the f@ck is going on here but it appears to be a Jeremy Kyle/Jerry Springer style programme on Russian TV. Obviously it’s staged but that doesn’t detract from the madness and mayhem which subsequently follow. If only daytime telly was more like this in Blighty. Those crazy red Russkies.

It’s Official This Is The Best ‘Epic Fail’ Of 2011.

As we wipe away the salty tears of laughter from our cheeks the whole crew here can confirm that all the other future ‘epic fails’ of the next 11 months won’t come anywhere near this. The absolute joy we’ve had playing this clip over and over and over again is a thing of sheer beauty. Take a bow sir.

Begad! The Simpsons – A XXX Parody.

Flanders with Marge...the character not the dairy based product, (although that happens later in the film too).

Yes this is a trailer for a porno but don’t worry it’s entirely safe to watch…or is it? We understand that the makers of this film are trying to slide a bit of humour into the proceedings, (excuse the pun), but who the hell would find this shit arousing? The only thing similar in life to watching an orgy of people suffering from jaundice with annoying accents  is Jersey Shore.

Begad! Pints That Fill Up From The Bottom?

Pints of  grog which fill up from the bottom to the top? This is madness, complete madness surely the person responsible for this machine is well versed in the dark arts? Apparently it’s actually very simple, specially designed glasses, which can only be used with the Bottoms Up Dispensing System,  have a magnetic flapper on the base which pushes up once placed on the dispenser cylinder, which then fills the glass from the bottom up at lightening speed. When the glass is removed from the machine the magnetic flapper closes the hole in the bottom of the glass. One of the main advantages to a system like this is you can pour many more pints in a short space of time because when you fill beer from the bottom up you don’t create foam therefore you get a quicker fill. But probably the smartest thing about this system is that companies can place adverts on the magnetic flappers on the bottom of the glasses. Genius. (via The Spoiler).

If you want to know more about the Bottoms Up Dispensing System chart a course for HERE.

Not The Advert Skipper’s Pipes Had In Mind.

Me love the laco peep.

Sweet mother of pearl! What the f@ck are they feeding people over in Finland? This video of a rather unique looking gentleman literally working himself up into a lather over eating some licorice, is even more disturbing than that picture of an alien in the Louisiana woods, (see below). Apparently the young man is so excited over his Skipper Licorice Pipes, because just like candy cigarettes they are banned in Finland, that he cannot control his enormous nerdgasm for his big Finnish…sorry, couldn’t resist.

UPDATE: This is an actual protest video against the Finnish government for banning the sale of licorice pipes. How very militant.