Highway From Hell

Here’s a short video demonstrating just how dangerous the infamous JBad Highway, (Jalalabad), in Afghanistan really is. This video was shot in 2005 by an American soldier and his fellow soldiers travelling from Camp Phonenix, a NATO military installation. A good friend of ours spent almost two years working in construction out there and can testify that the JBad Highway deserves its reputation, his stories of crazy drivers would turn your hair white and he should know as he was hit by one whilst crossing a road, breaking his leg in the process. Cheers for the tip Rod.

Is It A Bird? No, Its A Humlicoplane.

A military Humvee which can sprout helicopter rotor blades and wings allowing it to take to the skies if things on the ground are getting too dangerous. No, this isn’t something from the testosterone fuelled mind of Hollywood director Michael Bay it’s a genuine project the US government and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are currently working on. The thinking behind this transformeresque vehicle is to allow troops to avoid roadside bombs, ambushes and impassable objects within seconds and with a $3.05 million development contract in place this futuristic car/plane/helicopter hybrid could become a reality. What’s even more interesting are the specifications for the vehicle which the US government and defence department have laid out: it has to carry four soldiers, have an automated take-off function so drivers will not be required to act as a pilots, get as high as 10,000 feet and travel 250 miles on a single tank of fuel. The transformer Humvee will also be fitted with weapons to provide small arms fire on the ground and in the air.  (via Wired)