Giant Human-Like Creatures Sighted At Mexican Volcano.

A mountain rescue team are claiming they witnessed 8ft high humanoid creatures scaling the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, quicker than is humanly possible.

Website Mysterious Universe has all the details, but in short the mountain rescue team’s claim is just one of many similar assertions of giant human like beings in the vicinity of the volcano, with sightings of UFOs leaving and entering the area.

(via Mysterious Universe)


Sarah Palin Thinks It’s Cool To Stand On Dogs.

palin 2

The only time I’ve ever stood on a dog or any other animal for that matter has been entirely accidental and I felt guilty about it for hours.

Sarah Palin on the other hand thinks that standing on animals is a fucking gas, in fact it’s one of life’s necessities if they’re blocking your way. The picture above shows her 6 year-old son Trig standing on their family dog as he washed dishes. She posted the image onto Facebook on New Years Day, obviously beaming with pride over her son’s actions, but was immediately met with criticism.

Still the picture got 50,000 likes in less than 24 hours.




A Simple Method For Debunking Conspiracy Theories.

This video from design group Kurzgesagt offers up a simple method on how to debunk conspiracy theories. They explain:

Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope – we developed a way to debunk conspiracies in just a few seconds…

Of course as a self-confessed fan of conspiracy theories this approach is way too oversimplified for me and does nothing to debunk the theory that Arnie murdered Lord Lucan.

Hero Monkey Saves Fellow Monkey After Electrocution.

This video, taken in Kanpu, India on Saturday, shows a monkey desperately trying to revive a fellow monkey after it had strayed onto a railway line and was electrocuted.

Apparently the tried and tested method of monkey revival is a severe bout of ragdolling mixed with repeated sessions of water plunging. You didn’t think we would post up a video like this with a sad ending? It’s Christmas after all.



Black Pedestrian Stopped By Cop For Walking With His Hands In His Pockets.

The tension between black communities and white cops in America is at an all-time high following the recent developments in Ferguson, Missouri. In the video above Brandon McKean, a young black man, is stopped by a cop in his patrol car in Pontiac, Michigan, because someone reported him for walking down the street with his hands in his pockets on Thanksgiving afteroon, regardless of the fact it was a freezing cold day.

The officer stopped Brendon because he felt he was acting suspiciously and when challeneged he explained that there had been a high number of robberies in the area. Choosing to ignore of course all the other white people who were walking down the street with their hands in their pockets.


Mass Biker Gang Run From Cops.

This six minute video shows a gang of bikers, not an actual biker gang, but a collection of dickheads on various different types of motobikes pulling wheelies, tyre burning and generally putting everyone’s lives around them on the road at risk.

From the ouset there’s a lone police cruiser trying to intervene and stop the bikers but to no immediate effect. According to the video’s YouTube description a few of these twats were arrested thanks to more patrol cars responding and a police helicopter.

Rare Footage Of An Anglerfish.

The video above was taken by Bruce Robison and his team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and shows extremely rare footage of a deep water Anglerfish.

They can grow as large as 3.3ft in length but the one in the video is a mere three and a half inches long. Doesn’t matter that it’s small it’s still terrifying to look at…my wife has the same problem. Zing!


Black Friday Chaos In The UK.

This video was shoot in Tesco’s next to Glasgow’s Silverburn Shopping Centre, where customers were brawling over flat screen TVs which were for sale during Black Friday.

A day where people breath out of their mouths and buy even more shite they don’t need, with money they don’t have.

Strange Russian Glow Baffles Experts..

So far no reasonable explanation has been given for a strange fiery glow in the cloudy night sky above Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals last Friday.

The footage above and below was caputred by locals in the area and the intensity of the light is evident. So far it’s been blamed on weapons testing, but the military have denied they were even in the area, and an asteroid burning up on entry but that theory has been doubted by experts.

Right now there is no official explanation.

Man Remains Calm As Mass Robbery Ensues.

This video is currently doing the rounds in the Internet, details are sketchy but what we do know is that it comes from Russia and features a cafe which is suddenly invaded by a huge mob, who assault the customers and rob the till.

Apart from the unusually large volume of robbers in this video the other element which sets this footage apart is the cool, calm exterior of the fella seated in the middle of the cafe, casually enjoying his drink while chaos ensues around him.

Bruce Lee calm