Avast! Official Trailer For White House Down.

Another day another Hollywood trailer with the White House blowing up.

Here’s a first look at Roland Emmerich’s latest movie White House Down, starring Channing ‘The Tates’ Tatum in an obligatory white action movie wife beater vest and Jamie Foxx. The plot rattles along like so:

‘Pew, pew, pew, Kablooey, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, ‘Let’s do this’, pew, pew, pew, brrraaappp, brraaapppp!’

Avast! Trailer For Olympus Has Fallen.

Here’s the the trailer for In The Line Of Die Hard At The White-house, starring Gerard Butler as Frank Horrigan McClane, an ex-special forces manly man with a damaged voice-box who lost his job at the Secret Service for not bothering his arse to save the first lady.

After some nutter flies his plane too close to the White-house big Gerry finds himself back in lace up Doc Martens to try to save the President who has been taken hostage by some Commies in Primark balaclavas.