Hey BBC! WTF Is This?

The video above is a festive themed trailer filmed for BBC One to promote their Christmas schedule to the tune of Oliver’s ‘Consider Yourself‘, (should have been ‘Have A Word With Yourself‘)

There is nothing and we mean nothing about this trailer which gets us even remotely excited by the programmes on offer, but then there’s hardly anything on the Beeb that entices us anyway from Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing, to Live At The Appollo and Dr Who, (oh yes we just did). Boring, staid, unexciting, routine British programming fare. It’ll be a bottle of two litre White Lightening cider and a blu-ray copy of Fast Five for us this Christmas Day.

Alex Jones Has A Meltdown For The Ages!

We love Alex Jones, the outspoken, unashamed conspiracy theorist and radio broadcaster, and here’s just another reason why we admire him so.

Yes, you might not agree entirely with what he has to say, you might think that the man may own a stylish tin foil hat, but just look at how passionate and animated he is when expressing his opinion, he’s like an angry teddy bear on speed. Bless.

This latest rant is about the construction plans for the Formula One race track in Dallas and how it’s going to cost the taxpayer a small fortune just so the rich and famous have somewhere to drive their fast cars, you can’t deny that the man is pretty much on the money here.

By the way the caller accuses Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone of admiring Hitler…chart a course for HERE.

Charlie Sheen Is A ‘Battle Tested Bayonet’.

UPDATE: Two And A Half Men has been officially cancelled after Sheen made some derogatory comments about the show’s head honcho by saying: “I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists.” Two million a week down the swany.

Earlier yesterday actor Charlie Sheen phoned up his good friend radio broadcaster Alex Jones and revealed to the world that things might not be going according to plan in an interview for the ages. Jones, who runs the conspiracy website infowars.com , chatted to the actor live on air about his recent troubles.

Mr Sheen who claims he’s clean and sober referred to himself as a ‘battle tested bayonet’, other highlights included Vatican assassin warlocks and that he had a new gnarly tattoo grafted while watching the ‘death from above’ scene from Apocalypse Now in his private cinema. You can listen to a longer version of this mind frying interview over at WWTDD.

Charlie is right about one thing you should never judge a person without ever meeting them or spending time in their company first. But one thing is for sure…