Unidentified Sea Orb Freaks Out Boat Crew

Here’s footage of what appears to be a white skimming sea orb or sea disk, or the world’s largest urinal block, call it what you want because it is at present unidentified.

The encounter happened off the coast of Sweden on September 17th and The Examiner detailed the story of how a boat crew witnessed and filmed the disc approach the vessel at some speed before backing off and changing direction. Sceptics have argued that it’s simply a buoy tied to a piece of fishing line which is being trailed by the boat, but upon examining the video you can clearly see the disc is under it’s own control and changes direction and doesn’t maintain the same angle or distance as something under tow. Sceptics, don’t you just hate the way they try to explain and normalise everything, continually taking the fun out of life and mystery, they probably like to explain jokes rather than tell them at parties.

Since the captions/subtitles featured in the video above are in Swedish here’s a handy translation:

Armed Forces: “Could be a submarine.”  Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander. 

Buoy movements baffle even the Armed Forces.  Now Malin Quran’s film carefully analyzed. 

“We take the material seriously.  One cannot exclude that a submarine is involved,” says Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander.  Sailing Friends observations from Maseskar have reached the Armed Forces. 

Now the data analyzed.  “I understand that they reacted to the buoy movements, the data are very interesting,” says Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander of the Armed Forces.

Examine the position.  Now, analysts, among other things to pick up additional witness statements, investigating the precise location, weather conditions, currents and sail the boat’s cruising speed. 

“It’s too early to say what this is.  The reason could be the strong currents, but really, I would not give any more comments until we have completed the analysis,” he says.  Excludes no . . . If a submarine can be involved he would not rule [it] out. 

“I have no reason to do so.  The analysis will show.  We estimate that we have received this report and we will take it very seriously.”

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Large Hairless Rodent Invades Woman’s House.

How about this for a healthy dose of nightmare fuel. The creature pictured above was caught on camera by the granddaughter of a terrified women in Rochester who claims the beast has plagued her for the last two years.

Rose Byrd alleges that this rodent like creature has been living under her porch, digging holes around her garden and she also believes that the animal has dug a tunnel through the walls of her home. She states that she can hear the animal at night and is so frightened by it’s presence she is scared to go into parts of her home.

Apparently a biology professor from the University of Rochester has tried to capture the beast for further study but has so far failed. The common theory is that the creature is a rare hairless groundhog. For more information on this hellish story chart a course for HERE.


Holy Shnikes! It’s A Dog-Sheep.

The above picture is of the world’s first official hybrid dog-sheep, dogeep, sheeog, sheep-dog.

Although authorities have cocked their leg and pissed scorn over such a claim it has been reported that this animal was born in China and was dicovered by farmer Liu Naiying who explained:

‘I was herding the sheep, and saw a sheep licking her newborn lamb on the grassland. The lamb was still wet.

‘When I went up close to check on the lamb I was shocked because it looked so weird, like a cross between a sheep and a dog.’

(via American Monsters)