Trump Supporters Fall For Hitler Based Social Experiment.

Here’s a video taken by SoFlo in which they seek out supporters of Donald Trump and conduct a simple social experiment. The interviewer reads out various quotes attributed to Trump and ask those supporters if they agree with them.

Like most social experiments there’s always a twist and this one centres around the fact the quotes are actually from Adolf Hitler and not from Donald Trump. The results, as always, are frightening.

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a thing.

Mitt Romney’s Son Wanted To Punch Obama In The Face.

Following the second presidential live televised debate between President Barrack Obama and Republican election nominee Mitt Romney the verbal confrontation between the two got a little feisty. But that’s what happens when one man is fighting to remain in the seat of power and the other wants to topple him. That’s politics.

Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son,  has a slightly different approach to the whole process of political debate after he confessed during a radio interview that he wanted to “jump out of (his) seat and … rush down to the stage and take a swing’ at President Barack Obama.

Tagg is currently acting  as an advisor in his father’s presidential campaign. Good luck with that Mitt.

(via Heavy)