Arnie Pays Moving Tribute To His Late Friend Franco Columbu.

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger recently paid tribute to his best friend Franco Columbu, who died on Friday after taking unwell whilst swimming and drowned.

Columbu, (78), was a two time former Mr Olympia and had been Arnie’s best friend since 1965. Taking to social media the Hollywood star posted his thoughts on his friend’s sudden passing:



Avast! Trailer For Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick Maggie.

Her’s the official trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie Maggie.

It’s an independent feature with a budget of just $8m and tells the story of a mid-western farmer and father protecting his beloved daughter, who is slowly turning into a cannabalistic zombie after a virus infects the world’s population.

From the trailer above it looks like Arnie is exercising his acting chops for once in a low-key performance, much like Stallone in Copland.

Maggie is set for general release on May 8th.


A Simple Method For Debunking Conspiracy Theories.

This video from design group Kurzgesagt offers up a simple method on how to debunk conspiracy theories. They explain:

Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope – we developed a way to debunk conspiracies in just a few seconds…

Of course as a self-confessed fan of conspiracy theories this approach is way too oversimplified for me and does nothing to debunk the theory that Arnie murdered Lord Lucan.

Avast! Teaser Trailer For The Expendables 2.

This is less of a teaser trailer and more of a glorified cast list. So who’s left? Well for the third installment of this overblown, testosterone fuelled, fap fest they could draft in Steven Seagal, The Rock, Vin Diesel or how about The Chuckle Brothers? You’ll notice in the trailer that it announces every star’s surname and that ‘Hemsworth‘ pops up. Yeah, that’s not Chris Hemsworth the star of Thor, it’s his brother Liam, the star of…?

If the first film was anything to go buy the sequel will have about as much direction and plot as an eight year-old playing with his action figures in a sand pit.

After taking a seemingly simple job for Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) the Expendables find their plans going awry and one of their own is brutally murdered. The Expendables set out into hostile territory — with their new members Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan) — to put a stop to a deadly weapon and gain their revenge against the villain who killed their brother.

See, we told you.

Terminator 5 – The Gang Is Almost Back.

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger folded up his business suit and put away his policy shoes the actor turned Governor of California has been itching to get back on the silver screen and it appears the offers have been flooding in.

But one project which has been doing the rounds on the Internet is the possibility of a fifth Terminator movie, (apparently entitled Terminator: 2012), which could re-team the entire cast from the original and first film in the franchise, under director Justin Lin, (Fast Five) Movie website Slashfilm has posted up details of what is at this stage merely rumour:

According to Latino Review’s source, the pitch is being touted as Terminator 2012 and has the “entire original cast” attached. Now ingest your grain of salt and continue. While the characters  – Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor, etc. – could be part of the story pitch, the actors themselves cannot have signed on to make the movie. No one has, there’s no script. Though treatments of a fifth Terminator movie have been floating around for years, Deadline’s story about the new pitch explicitly stated “There is no screenwriter attached at this point.” Without a script, no one is officially signed. Not even Schwarzenegger. He, most likely, is letting his name be used on the strength of the story idea and Lin’s passion for the franchise.

(via Slash Film)

The Outrageous Arnie/Lord Lucan Conspiracy Theory.

I crushed his little British head with just my bicep.

There are a shit ton of conspiracy theories floating around the Internet some are undeniably thought provoking, yet sadly for us more than most are the work of basement dwellers who prefer to wear hats fashioned out of tin foil.

But the one conspiracy theory which has currently been doing the Internet rounds and has hooked the entire crew, (possibly along with line and sinker), is the one which claims Hollywood muscleman and ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger murdered British peer Lord Lucan back in 1974.

You know the one where during his time in London perfecting his physique Arnie worked on the side as hired muscle collecting gambling debts and that Lucan hired him to kill his wife to get his house back due to his own gambling problem, in return for some help securing the Austrian an American green card, but just like the plot of Fargo things went a little pear shaped?

Yes, we too had to mop up sprayed tea from our keyboards because no way in hell could there ever be any truth in such an outlandish and ridiculous claim…could there? Read about the theory HERE.

via (Viceland)

Avast! Hear The Lamentation Of The Women.

Now that big Arnie has been voted out of office as the Governator of California will this now mean he will be stretching off his thespian gurning muscles? We hope so, as an individual who can act and sing it would seem wasteful for him not to.

This video comes from the minds of brothers and musicians Jon and Al Kaplan who specialise in creating musical parodies of films and TV, chart a course for their main website HERE. Check out the songs for 24 Season Two: The Musical, in particular the number entitled Dammit (The Longest Day Of My Life).

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