The Paramount Picture Is One For The Ages.

So Paramount Pictures decided to organise a very special photograph featuring a range of actors, actresses, directors and singers to have worked at the world famous studios to mark their 100th anniversary.

Artist Art Streiber gathered over 116 talented, (or untalented, depending on your opinion), individuals, complete with all their latest plastic surgery, to pose on the bleachers of a small town sports stadium. You can see the entire picture HERE.

In the mean time here’s a couple of things we discovered while examining the photo.

1. Ernest Borgnine is still alive.

2. Justin Bieber ruined the entire picture.

3. Jerry Lewis is still alive.

6. Robert De Niro would rather have been some place else.

7. Michael York has aged entirely naturally.

8. Ali MacGraw is still alive.

9. Simon Pegg would rather have been some place else.

10. Mickey Rooney is immortal.

11. Tom Cruise is only 30 years old.

12. Kirk Douglas is now the Cryptkeeper.