Italian Artist Reveals The Young Tree Within.

This is nearly a year old so apologies if you’ve already seen this, but it’s doing the rounds on the Internet again and for good reason. Entitled The Hidden Life Within  Italian artist Giuseppe Penone managed to carve a younger tree from an older tree to give us some understanding of it’s aging process and it’s past.

(via My Modern Met)


Amazing Digital Painitings Of Famous Movies.

No Country For Old Men.

These pant wettingly amazing digital paintings of famous movie scenes were lovingly created by Italian artist Massimo Carnevale. His entire collection includes films like The Black Swan, Jaws, Serpico and Kill Bill to name only a few. (via The Swedish Bed)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The Usual Suspects

True Grit


Top 5 Rémi Gaillard Moments

Above is the newest video from French artist and prankster Rémi Gaillard, apart from running in contention for world’s greatest arsehole, he also produces pretty funny videos like this one. He hails from Montpellier and like the bastard child of Dom Jolly and Johnny Knoxville has over the years managed to irritate the entire local police force, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that people who play golf definitely have no sense of humour. One thing is certain after watching his videos the French are far more relaxed about practical jokes.


To celebrate his most recent video we’ve selected five of our favourite moments from the French humourist, who’s lawyer must be the hardest working man in France. (via Nimportequi)