Assassin’s Creed Screenshots Confirm The Rumours – The English Are The Enemy.

Chart a course for HERE to see the entire collection of screenshots.

Just to confirm all the wild rumours over Ubisoft’s next installment of the highly successful Assassin’s Creed franchise, which were swirling about the Internet this week, the game will indeed be set in North America during the American Revolutionary War as these glorious screen shots demonstrate.

Other details have emerged which include the following:

  •  The new protagonist is called Connor Ratohnhaketon who is half English and Native American.
  • He was raised by Mowhawks.
  • You can climb and leap from trees and mountain cliffs.
  • The game is set between the years 1753 – 1783 and is centred around the cities of Boston and New York.
  • You can hunt and kill a variety of different animals.
  • The English red coats are the enemy.

If you want to know a lot more about the game head over to Computer And Video Games who have a comprehensive list of all the finer details. Although this looks like a welcome change of pace for the game we can’t help but compare it to Red Dead Redemption.