HMS Friday’s Top Movie Of 2011

This was a difficult one for two main reasons; we haven’t watched all the films released this year and a lot of the films released this year we had no real desire to watch anyway.

That being said we did get the chance to see Hannah, True Grit, The Inbetweeners, Attack The Block and Bridesmaids which we collectively enjoyed, but two films stood out for us this year for contrasting reasons.

Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows turned out to be a blast from start to finish and, for us at least, easily swiped the best action movie title, high adventure, witty one liners, massive set pieces, exciting cinematography and solid performances. Yes it may have been a tad too long and one main villain just seems to vanish into the Victorian mist with no real conclusion to his story, but for the most this was an enjoyable romp in the same vein as Indiana Jones and James Bond.

In stark contrast we’ve opted for Ben Wheatley’s grim hitman movie Kill List as joint top movie of the year. Where to begin with this film? Comfortable viewing it is not so don’t rent this for a cuddly night on the couch with your other half. It’s disturbing, disorientating and downright scary in a fashion we haven’t witnessed before. Neill Maskell eats up the scenery with an uncompromising performance as a violent man on the very edge. It’s a film that stays with you long after you’ve turned the TV off and for that reason alone it beats the rest of the field.

Of course we’ve yet to see Drive, The Guard, Win Win, Tyrannosaur, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Animal Kingdom or Take Shelter which we’ve been reliably informed from various sources are contenders for top spot, but for now as the year draws to close these two films are our current favourites.

Avast! Attack The Block Trailer.

You may remember a while back we posted up this, which we believed to be a viral promo for an up and coming British film called Attack The Block. Still no confirmation on the origin of that video but the full length official trailer for the movie was released today and it doesn’t look too shabby.

The main plot is very simple; aliens crash land on a South London inner city housing scheme and the local hoodies and chavs take up arms against the invaders to defend their tower block and local community. Directed by Joe Cornish, he of Adam & Joe fame, the film stars a mix of professional child actors and unknown kids Joe found off the streets, it also features Nick Frost and Jodie Whittaker. The plot is being described by some film websites as Sean Of The Dead with aliens, (mainly down to the fact that the same production team is involved), but being a fan of Joe Cornish and his work throughout the years we’re guessing it’ll be a whole lot more than that. Attack The Block is released in the UK on May 13th.

Attack The Block Viral?

This short video of two skateboarders witnessing the crash landing of what appears to be some sort of space craft has all the hallmarks of a promotional viral video. It’s been doing the rounds across the Internet and has most people mystified, but we here at HMS Friday think we’ve cracked it. We believe it’s a viral video for the soon to be released film Attack The Block directed by comedian¬† Joe Cornish, (he of Adam and Joe Show fame).