Ryanair Wants Porn On Their Planes.

Passengers prepare to board and enjoy their inflight movie A Rear And Present Danger.

Don’t we all though? Really, that’s the one thing that’s missing when we board flights and take our seats for the journey ahead of us, the porn. We’ve lost count at the times we’ve thought to ourselves: ‘If only I could watch some hardcore filth on this flight, it would really make the two hours to London more bearable.’

Well it seems Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is on the same, (stuck together), page as he’s proposing to feature pay-per-view pornography for passengers to watch during flights. Apparently he wants to launch an app for the airline which will allow customers to watch hot, sweaty, sloppy action on their beloved iPads and smart-phones as they travel. Not content with just the odd spank movie O’Leary also wants passenger to gamble while flying. Jesus, he’s like the Larry Flynt of the skies.

Oh the joys of travel. All you’ll be able to hear during your flight will the frantic rubbing together of corduroy, if your lucky someone might rub the fabric too fast and start a fire which would result in your plane crashing. You could give a survivor interview to the world’s press explaining what happened:

“I was sat next to this big, sweaty fella when he brought out his iPad and started watching Big Trouble In Little Vagina in glorious 1080p. It wasn’t long before his cords caught fire which spread quickly throughout the plane and then we crashed.”

(via Daily Mail)