Batman’s Butler Died.

Tis is with heavy heart and raised mug of grog that we recognise the passing of a legend.

Actor Michael Gough will probably be best remembered for his role as Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, who portrayed a man who willingly suffered the frustrations and pains of running hand and foot after a spoilt, spandex wearing millionaire.

A favourite of film director Tim Burton he went on to star in Sleepy Hollow and lend his voice acting skills to the Corpse Bride and more recently Alice In Wonderland.

Website Den Of Geek have a more thorough look at the 94 year-old’s illustrious career.


Cast Announced For The Dark Knight Rises.

Word is burning through the Internet like alien blood through body armour that two key cast members for the third Batman film have now been officially announced. Warner Brothers along with director Christopher Nolan have confirmed that actress Anne Hathaway will slip into the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises…in his pants!

…and actor Tom Hardy, (he of Bronson and Inception fame), will play steroid muscleman Bane, who once famously broke Batman’s back in the graphic novels comics.

We here are of the opinion that a third villain will be eventually announced to coincide with the number of films which would round things off nicely, but we’re not about to guess who or what that character that will be. Many insiders believe this will be the last Batman movie Nolan helms but consider that the franchise will continue.

Avast! Batman: Arkham City Trailer.

Holy Schnikes Batman! Here’s the trailer for the sequel to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainament’s highly popular console game Batman: Arkham Asylum, which proved itself a smash hit with gamers across different platforms. This new game, Batman: Arkham City, promises to expand on all the elements that made it predecessor so successful, while at the same time expanding on Batman’s story and adding in a new villain Prof  Hugo Strange.

Did I lock the front door?