Close Encounters Of The Polar Bear Kind.

In case you missed it here’s that now infamous clip from the BBC series The Polar Bear Family & Me where wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan comes face-to-face with a hungry polar bear.

Taking a leaf out of old Ron Burgundy’s book Buchanan sealed himself up in a perspex case of emotion which was dubbed the ‘Ice Cube’. Sitting inside the transparent housing, which was placed deliberately next to a seal’s breathing hole on the ice, Gordon had the close encounter with a large hungry female polar bear who seemed intent on cracking the box open like a Kinder Surprise egg and eating the delicious human inside.

BBC’s Nick Robinson Has Been Working Out.

We’ve never met political reporter Nick Robinson therefore we can’t cast any judgement on the man’s character but for years now we’ve been of the opinion he’s a self-important, prize bell end. As you will see in the video above our theory may actually have some gravitas. During a recent live broadcast outside the Houses Of Parliament Nick’s piece to camera was, in his words, ‘interrupted’ by an anti-war protester’s sign. The mere inclusion of this offensive piece of plywood sent Nick into such a tizzy, that when the live broadcast had finished he had to conceal his rage face with his handkerchief and once the steam had cleared from his bifocoles he drew together enough strength to wrench the sign from the protester’s hands, to then weakly stamp on it with his news brougues. He then handed over the remains to a BBC minion.

You’re outisde in an environment where a protest is taking place, what did you expect would happen Nick? It can’t always be about you and your aerodynamic info specs.