Bear Grylls Makes a Sweater…From A Dead Baby Seal.

Aw hell naw! Aw hell yes! The man who lied to the world about being dropped into unforgiving terrain miles from civilisation is back on Discovery with a new series of Man Vs Wild. The hyperactive survivalist is this time on an island in Scotland and as you can see from the video above his challenege is to swim to the nearby main land. In desperate need of a wetsuit for the crossing through the icy waters Mr Grylls stumbles upon a dead baby seal and in only a matter of minutes has excitedly stripped the animal of it’s skin and fashioned a rather lovely, if yet a tad tight, wife beater vest to keep himself warm. We’re quite sure the judges and Heidi Klum will pass him through to the next round, if only for creative flare. (via Warming Glow)

"Now that I have my seal vest I'm off to the local off license for six cans of Stella