Is Fallout The Game To Become Fallout The TV Series?

For anyone who’s played Bethesda’s grim, apocalyptic RPG Fallout this news will certainly spike your interest.

Internet rumour suggests that there may be plans in the pipeline for a Fallout TV series after someone discovered that the gaming giant Bethesda had filled for a trademark which covered the rights to the Fallout name in regards to ‘an on-going television programme set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.’

Adding even more fuel to the rumour fire was the announcement earlier this month on Twitter by voice actor Eric Todd who informed his followers to expect to hear more from his character ThreeDog in the future, many fans initially thought he had inadvertently leaked news of a Fallout 4 game, but following the discovery of the trademark filing many now believe that ThreeDog will feature in a TV series based on the game.


The Most Epic Skyrim Machinima You’ll Ever See.

Any future machinima video, featuring the elements of Bethesda’s amazing Skyrim game, will have to be directed by Michael Bay if it wants to even come close to the epic cinematic experience that this seven minute video contains.

Put together by Tyrannicon using various mods and console commands this Great Battle Of Skyrim uses over one thousand characters and a dragon. This video is actually more  engaging and entertaining than the last three movies we’ve watched.

That Amazing Live Action Skyrim Trailer.

Make this into a movie now. Right now!

This is the latest trailer for Bethesda’s soon to be released, (Nov 11th), RPG game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and instead of generic gameplay footage, they’ve gone and upped the ante with this amazing live action effort…complete with scary dragon.

Following the crushing disappointment of the reboot of the Conan movie franchise earlier this year, this small slice of fantasy drama looks like a far better concept for a full length feature film. Just look at his f@cking helmet for Christ’s sake.