Bioshock Infinite’s Trailer Is An 80s Themed Treat.

This new trailer for the forthcoming game Bioshock: Infinite is a retrotastic tribute to the late 70s. It plays like one of those terrible educational films once screened in schools. Only with this one we learn more about the mysteries of the floating city of Columbia and the self proclaimed prophet Zachary Comstock.

14 Glorious Steam Punk Minutes Of Bioshock Infinite.

So amazing is this gameplay footage that your eyeballs may just spontaneously com-bust.

If this game were a cake it would be sponge layered gateaux, with a thick topping of chocolate, money and booze. But enough salivating, just enjoy these unbelievable 14 minutes of a game which looks to contain at least 100% more creativity and ingenuity than pretty much everything else out there. God bless you Ken Levine.