Morning Links In Brief(s)

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A possible theory behind the Vatican Swiss guard murders which happened back in 1998 – (The Daily Beast)

Batman and The Flash confront a real life sex offender in To Troll A Predator – (Jokeroo)

High on bath salts, (yes, you read that correctly), a burglar breaks into a house and does something nice for a change – (NY Daily News)

Somebody in Stirling is murdering trees with a knife, so far he/she has caused £30,000 worth of damage – (STV News)

Harry Potter director David Yates has revealed there’s to be a Dr Who movie – (BBC News)

Ghana has a Terminator/Predator movie that looks like the sleeper hit of the year – (Film Drunk)

Want to know your chances of survival if a nuclear bomb was detonated in your country? – (Would I Survive A Nuke)

21 reasons why you should never use your iPad as a camera – (Buzzfeed)

Grand Theft Walrus

Woman Assaults Police With Her Chesticle.

The lovely maiden below is 30 year-old Stephanie Robinette from Ohio and although she looks innocent enough do not be fooled be her appearance, for she carries with her a concealed lethal weapon…her right breast.

Apparently on Saturday evening after having one too many at a wedding reception, Stephanie started to become physically abusive to her husband and after she had thrown him about like a pair of wet tracksuit trousers, somebody phoned the police. You would think that would be that. But no, Stephanie then locked herself in her car, refusing to unlock the vehicle so that the deputies could cuff her. She then duly announced that she was a breast feeding mother and just to drive this proclamation home she whipped out her right titty and sprayed the lovely young uniformed men with her delicious breast milk.

Robinette, who is apparently a teacher who helps children with autism and ADHD, now she faces a number of criminal charges and has a brand new nickname – ‘The Jub Juice Bandit’.

Thanks to PB for the tip. (via The Register)